September 10, 2018



Elder Pickett

Who is Don Nehlen???

Hey Everybody,
This has been a pretty normal week! Nothing to special went down! The weather here has been crazy though. It's hard to decide what I need to wear because it changes so fast. Early this week it was 90 degree weather with a lot of humidity. I was hot and sweaty haha. But now this hurricane is coming up and things totally flipped upside down. The temp dropped down in the low 60’s with extremely high winds. Just a little WV forecast for you there! We tracked yesterday in the middle of it and got drenched but I would much rather walk around in that kind of weather then trying to walk around in 90 degree stuff.

The work is moving, but moving very slowly. Lately we have been trying to make contact with former investigators. The only guy that seemed interested was a half member family. His name is Peter. He has a really good looking beard too! We talked to him for a bit and tried to get him going again. We have had the opportunity to teach more this week. A coal miner named Will, age 20, let us in and we taught him two lessons and put him on date for the 27th so we will see. Good stuff!! I love it! We have been doing a lot tracking and finding that's for sure. We have been working through the members a lot more lately. They give us some referrals and we take them to lessons for fellowship. We hope to take Bro Fredrickson with us to talk to Wil. He mines coal too so hopefully they can talk coal or something, I don’t know! It would be my luck though that they work at rival mines or something. Please pray that it works out.
Me and my comp joined in on the Mormon Moving crew Saturday to help move out a member. The Elders quorum helped move them out haha. I have never heard so many dad jokes in one setting! I guess technically it's now called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Moving Company or the church moving company. We went tracking after and came into a rich neighborhood. The people were total jerks! But this one maid lady talked to us. Come to find out we had knocked into a college hall of fame coach Don Nehlen? Don't know him but I guess he is a big deal! His maid let us in and we took some cool pics of all his stuff. We are going to go back and get his autograph! And try to teach him a lesson or two!
Stake conference was this week and they just put two new counselors in the presidency. Maybe there is hope for President Rees and Brinkerhoff haha. It was weird not listening to my dad get up and speak, but it was a good one.

Spiritual experience: Ate some vanilla bean ice cream this week. No allergic reaction. God is real. Being a missionary rocks!!
Thanks for all of the letters! I love to hear from all of you!

Love Elder Brian


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