September 3, 2018



Elder Pickett

Out in the Backwoods!

Things are great here in Cheat lake, West Virginia! Other then the heat and humidity! I sweat so much now I have to carry around a sweat rag so I look some what presentable at the door step. At least when I look hot
and sweaty I get a lot of free water and pop at the doors. The work is moving, but really slowly. But I'm not complaining. We walked a lot of miles
this week. The least amount of miles we walked was 8 miles. We were towards the end of the month and very low on miles so we had to watch it. Luckily
it is low elevation so it makes it a lot easier to walk and stuff.
Nothing really special this week. We usually do service Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for a bit at the local food pantry's. We went on exchanges this weekend. I worked with Elder pitcher, which was so great! He is a really cool dude. He goes home in 2 months so he is really trying to finish strong. We found a lot of potentials that day so that was exciting! Saturday was crazy holy
moly! College football began so everyone was watching it. There would be no cars on a street for the first 5 houses then on the 6th house there would be over 8 cars parked there! Lots of parties and barbecue. The members were all hyped to watch BYU play of course.
This week I walked a lot into the back woods and it was
really nice, other than I almost stepped on a snake. Yikes! I finally got to see some of the West Virginia back woods that everyone warned me about! It felt like home haha. We actually went to a small town named Bruceton. They had another Bfs gas station but this one sold farm supplies too, and it looked and felt just like home! Haha I took a picture of it.
Well hope all is well with everyone!
Have a great week!
Elder Brian

P. S. the sister missionary's just called to see how to turn off the hazard lights! Really??


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