August 20, 2018



Elder Pickett

Found BFS in WV!!

Hey Ya’ll!
All is going well here in Cheat Lake and so is the mission part! It is hard work though. We have walked alot trying to find new investigators. I'm in the more city part of West Virginia so I don't get out in the sticks very much. We knocked a lot of trailer parks though. We knocked a place called Rolling Hills. Found a few people and taught them but in general not so good. I met my first witch. I wanted a picture but I found out that it is not very smart idea to ask for one! We also knocked a place called Country Squire. Now that place is where the rednecks live!! Holy Cow! No one really wanted to talk, but a few. There were so many spiders and so many porches that were falling apart.
This week I was able to give a blessing to a kid named Michael. He's not a member but his mother is very active. I don't know how he felt after but I hope all was good.
No need to worry about me and food! Between me cooking and the members feeding us almost every night, we are staying full. But my companion is so into the work he tries to skip and shorten dinner. What?? But I don't let him! The members are very good for feeding us. We eat a lot haha. I started jump roping so I don't get fat, but I live right by the mountaineer ice cream so I go there quite a bit! Sister Malone fed us stew then took us out today for lunch at Ruby Tuesday. She is super nice. We also ate at the Amnrites house. Brother Amnrite studies mites and bees. He showed us his lab and all the books that he writes. He is going to Turkey to teach about them in a week. He also made himself immune to poison ivy. He goes outside shows us some poison ivy and then eats some. I thought for sure we would be trying to raise him from the dead!! He looks just like president Hinckley. All the members are great though and so is the ward. They are kind of weird sometimes haha. We walked 13 miles on Saturday and walked out into the sticks. We found a man named Jesse and he said he will come to our church with his wife so we will see.
Our ward was a lot better this week. I actually knew some of the people, but you can tell this is not a Utah ward. They talk about weird stuff and some of the members are just plain weird. Donald Turner, ( Just by the name you can tell he is weird!!) writes down everything you tell him and wears glasses that the lenses flip up and down to see better. Yikes! my ward missionary leader is named brother Skousen. He is like a Nazi with missionary work. But he does a really good job. We talked to a lot more people this week and were able to teach more too. Found a lot of potentials. Did I mention that we walked 13 miles on Saturday and I was so tired? My comp is still good. He can't relax though. He has literally has to take pills to chill!!
Everyone has dog's out here so I have been worried about those lately. Also we tracked on a members street before they fed us on we got stuck in the middle of a rain storm so we got soaked. We had to put our clothes in their dryer and borrow some clothes.
All is well here and I love the mission work.
Love you all,
Elder Brian


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