August 13, 2018



Howdy ya'll

This week has been crazy! After flying into Georgia to one of the busiest airports in the nation, we had plane problems and had to wait another 40 minutes. Then had to wait on the runway another 40 minutes. No a/c with suit coats.... it was a little rough! Plus we were late but made it to Charleston. Met President Lindhart and his wife and they are such nice people. We had a home cooked meal and then went to the assistants apartments for the night, woke up and and learned a lot about the mission. After going back to the presidents house and meeting all the office staff, we left to go to the capital for a tour and visited the coal museum. That was cool for me haha. I mentioned that I was a top of the line coal holler! Next day we got our new companions. His name is Elder Pickett from Lehi. He is super tall, even taller than I am. He is a good missionary and super goofy too so we get along. We have walked a lot already and only had one person let us in. But he is on date now so that's cool. Went to the Dairy Winkle and had one of the famous dog's. It was really good. Not a lot of hillbillies in my area. They are mostly down south.
I ran into Kiera Taylor, who is one of my best friends sisters. She is from Bicknell. That was on my first day too so that was awesome. My new area is named Cheat Lake. So we are by the university but don't teach on campus A lot of rich people around here! We are living in a brand new apartment so it's super nice

Any Who all is well and I'm enjoying the work a lot.
Thanks for the love and support!
Elder Brian


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