August 7, 2018



Last week at the MTC!!

Hey guys!
My last week here in the MTC was sure a good one. This week the teachers really pushed us to make sure we understood and knew how to teach everything. They get creative here! They made a seating arrangement that looked like a plane and had us practice talking to people. So I should be ready for the plane ride tomorrow haha.

We have to teach lessons all the time now too. About every lesson they could come up with we would have to practice teaching it to someone. So it will be cool to actually use that knowledge. A lot of good talks and devotionals this week. We had president Oak's daughter and her family come and play their instruments. I love music so it was good for a change.
Our new districts are chill. They seem a little goofy, but... so am I so it works. A lot has gone on. Lots of sand volleyball and church stuff. Trying to stay humble, but... I'm one of the better elders on the sand! We finished our pop can wall also yesterday. Had a bug ceremony and everything. Have to get creative or the MTC won't be fun. Also I am proud to say I have stayed he same weight the whole time here. Yet my companion has not. He gained like 20 pounds. I feel bad haha. We eat the same amount of food as each other but I am proud to say I eat an apple every meal and two salads a day. One of our district goals that we all worked on is companion accountability. So I tried to make him eat healthier. Didn't work!! Also everyone in my room sleep talks and walks so sleep is not very good either.
Heading to WV tomorrow!
Thanks for all of the packages and goodies you have sent!
Love you all!
Elder Brian


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