July 31, 2018



Hi Ya'll

Hey guys! .
It's been a wonderful week here at the MTC. My knowledge of the Gospel is growing so much as I keep learning. My two teachers are really good. Their
names are Sister Kennedy and Willey. They help us learn the doctrine and also how to teach it. Each week we have a TRC (investigators). And I just started on my second one yesterday. He is an Atheist, but I managed to convince him to read the Book of Mormon and ponder who God is.We will see if that works tomorrow.
We play lots of sports after class. Basketball,
volleyball, spikeball, and even 4 square. All super fun. I've had some amazing experiences. A sister in our district fractured her foot this week and was on crunches. Her name is sister Ostler and she asked us to give her a
priesthood blessing. So we showered, got dressed and met her and the other sisters. We then proceeded to anoint her and give the blessing. The next
day we asked her how she was doing and it was amazing. Her foot was completely healed over night! Incredible! I also had the opportunity to
give an elder who is leaving tomorrow a blessing of peace and comfort, and that was cool.
My comp is great and we work great together. My whole
district is amazing too. All the older elders left today and yesterday so now we are the top dog's.
The food is getting so old. Good thing Darren Nelson
isn't here because all they serve is chicken in different shapes. No beef!!
Thanks for all the packages and messages. Your support really helps lot.
One more week to go!

Love you guys.
Elder Brian


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