December 11, 2015




Sister Paynter

Slide Week

Well, I see why this week is called slide week. It has gone by so quickly! I can't believe that I fly out to the field on Monday. I have learned so much in the past week that there is no way it has only been one week. We began teaching investigators, which was more than a little nerve-wracking but I have learned more of how to actually teach. I loved the investigators from the first time we met them and I know that I was feeling Heavenly Father's love for them and that He was helping me to know their needs.

On Sunday, as a district we watched a talk Elder Bednar gave here at the MTC called The Character of Christ. Don't try to find the video, it is only shown here at the MTC. He did give a similar talk at BYU-I and that is publicly available. I invite you to find it and read it. His message was that Christ's character was completely focused outward and that nothing He did was for Himself. This past week I have been trying to focus more fully on others and their needs, not what I want. I am not serving a mission for myself. I am serving a mission to be obedient to Heavenly Father's will for me. My purpose is to do all I can to help those I teach come to Him and gain a testimony of His gospel. I had been having a rough day earlier this week and we had an appointment with our more challenging investigator that night. I knew that if I went into the lesson feeling sorry for myself that there was no way that I could be guided by the Spirit. I prayed to be able to forget about what I wanted and be able to focus entirely on his needs. As we taught the lesson, I was able to be guided to say what he needed to hear. As I left the lesson I realized that my burdens had been lifted because I had given myself completely to God to be an instrument in His hands to bless the life of someone else.

We were able to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. I love hearing the words of the prophets and feeling their love! I know that they are truly called by God to lead His church and that they are His chosen messengers for this time. President Uchtdorf's talk reminded me why I want to be serving a mission. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has trusted me enough to call me to do something so vital. I have been humbled as I continue to learn of my role as a missionary. I am simply a conduit. I do very little actual teaching. My role is to prepare as best I can so that the Spirit is welcome in the lessons and that He is the one who changes people, I am simply the one saying the words.

Sister Pyper


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