February 22, 2016


Durham 1


Sister Workman

Life is good as a missionary

This week went by really fast, it seems like it was just Monday. It wasn't a terribly eventful week, pretty full of normal things. Sister Workman and I joked on Groundhog Day that it would be weird to have every day be the same. Then we realized that we are missionaries, our days are all the same :)

We went on exchanges this week. The sister training leader (basically the sister equivalent to a district leader) goes on exchanges with us once a transfer. This past week she was with Sister Workman, so I got to go to a different area for the day. It's always a little strange, but always good. I was just in the next ward over, so it wasn't very different. This next time I get to take over the area, which just means that I get to stay in my area for exchanges and basically get to be in charge that day.

Our investigators are amazing! So many of them are sharing the gospel with their friends! They are telling people at school, work, or in their families about the Book of Mormon and what they are learning from us. It is so incredible to see how learning about the gospel gives them such a desire to share it, even when they don't know very much about it. I was thinking about that and I realized it is (obviously) because the gospel is true. On some level they recognize the truth, even if they don't consciously recognize that it is the truth. They just know that it is good and that everyone around them can benefit from it as well. Missionary work is great! Before I was a full-time missionary, I was intimidated by the idea of sharing the gospel. I thought it always had to be inviting people to church or something 'scary' like that, but that is not what it is most of the time. Missionary work is often as simple as being a good example to others and being willing to answer any questions that come your way. You do not need to invite someone to be baptized in order to be a missionary, although of course that is a great thing to do :)

This week I have been thinking about what it means to be a consecrated servant of the Lord. I have been pondering Mosiah 7:33 and what it means to have "full purpose of heart". I realized that there are lots of things I need to work on, but also that the Atonement allows me to do all that is asked of me. There are so many blessings that come from obedience. The more obedient we are, the more Heavenly Father can bless us. He has given us so much and all that He asks of us is that we follow His commandments, so that He can bless us even more. How great is that?? We don't have to perform incredible miracles, we simply have to be obedient. In the eternal perspective, that is very simple and not a lot to ask. I have definitely seen that as I try to be more exactly obedient, things are better. Our investigators are more receptive, they have a greater desire to know the truth, I am able to be guided by the Spirit more, and I have more peace. Obedience is so great!

Sorry this is a short email, there really wasn't a lot to talk about from this week. Sometimes it's nice to have a 'boring' week :)

Today we are going to Duke to see an original copy of the Book of Mormon, so there will be at least one exciting thing in the next email, I promise!

Love y'all
Sister Pyper


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