March 21, 2016


Durham 1


Sister Warner

I love to see the temple

We got to go to the temple last week as a zone!! I have missed the temple and being able to go more often. It was incredible to go with the missionaries in the zone. This is why I am a missionary, to help others receive the blessings that come from temples and help them be sealed to their families. Most of us got names from the same family. Someone the James' know had a bunch of family names that they wanted missionaries to do. I am so grateful for temples and the peace and strength I have received from them. Even when I am not able to go as often as I would like, knowing that I have made covenants with the Lord gives me great comfort. I know that if I keep the covenants that I have made, that I will receive the blessing he has promised.

Being over two wards means that there are twice as many wonderful people to meet and teach. The previous sisters in Chapel Hill had found someone named Toshy that they were teaching. Toshy is so great! We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week and invited her to be baptized. Her response was "yes, what do I need to do?" That is the BEST response anyone can give! She is so sweet and so willing to do what we ask her to do. She is reading the Book of Mormon pretty much every day and really wants to come closer to God. She is applying what she learns from the scriptures to her life and really trying to understand the principles. She came to the adult session of stake conference on Saturday and had really good questions and said she felt the Spirit. She has a baptismal date and is well on track! I will keep y'all updated as it gets closer.

Stake conference was amazing! The adult session was really powerful. We were singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives and the last verse was a capella. I had this overwhelming recognition that the words I was singing were true. I do know that my Savior lives. He is my personal Savior and the personal Savior of every single person. I know without a doubt that He lives and that He knows me. I am so grateful for that knowledge and this time that I have to remember His resurrection on Easter. The fact that He lives today means that we can all live again. Death is temporary. Life can be eternal through Christ. His life did not end on the cross and ours do not end at death either.

I am recognizing the importance of the way we live and the example we set. We tracted into someone the other day who knew a surprising amount about Mormons. It turned out that she has two classmates who are members. Their example touched her so much that she decided to do some research on the Church. She told us that some of the scriptures she read answered questions she has had for years about God. These members had no idea that she had done that, they had never asked her to. They just lived their faith openly and lived the way Christ would have them live. I am so grateful for their quiet examples of righteousness and the impact they had on this woman's life. You may never see the results of your example, but I know that others see what you do and that you bless lives.

Spring is definitely here in NC! There are beautiful flowers everywhere and it is getting warm! I will be trying to take more pictures and send them next week.

Love y'all,
Sister Pyper


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