July 5, 2016


Wake Forest


Sister Bobbitt

I wonder if Noah sang on the Ark

There were many times this past week when we saw the Lord guiding us in His work. One in particular stands out. On Tuesday we had planned to go tract a street near our apartment, but the weather was bad enough that we didn't feel comfortable going out. We decided to go through our area book and call former investigators and try to set up appointments with them. We called one and it was a wrong number. A few people later, we came across the same phone number listed for another person. Sister Bobbitt and I both felt like it wouldn't hurt to call the number again. The second time, the woman on the other end asked us if we were from a church. When we told her what church we were from, she asked us if we could pray for her and her daughter. She told us that her 12 year old daughter has a rare form of cancer and has to go in for chemotherapy every week. We were able to pray with her over the phone and bear our testimonies about the Plan of Salvation. We asked if she would be interested in hearing more about God's plan and she said yes! When we got her address, we realized that she lives in our ward and so we can teach her! I know that Heavenly Father led us to her and that we were in the right place at the right time.

I am in Alma 52 of the Book of Mormon and I am learning so much more than I thought I would. I don't usually enjoy the war chapters, but I have been learning a lot about how important preparation is. I had the thought this week that the war chapters were included through revelation and are necessary for our day. We might not be physically at war, but we are fighting a battle every day against Satan. Our battles are more spiritual than the ones the Nephites fought, but the lessons are the same.Our leaders today are just as inspired for our protection as Moroni was for the Nephites. Our families are still the most important thing we can fight for and we should protect them with everything we have.

I got to see a Polynesian show, for free, 3 times this past week. The Ahuna Ohana (they performed in the 2002 Olympics, look them up) came and toured our mission. The family is from Hawaii and the grandma is President James' sister, which is how they picked NC. They tour all around the world and put on these shows in different missions. It was an awesome show! There were dances from different parts of Polynesia and the whole family is incredibly talented! They do this as a missionary opportunity and have found a fun way to share the gospel. At every show, they bore their testimonies about families and shared what they do to strengthen their family. Not only was it fun to watch, but they brought a very sweet spirit with them. It was cool to see how they have taken something they love to do and made it into a way to share the gospel.

Their first show was sadly cut short due to a storm that broke. Everyone in the audience ran for cover in the garage of President's house and all of us missionaries were frantically trying to get the equipment inside and dry. Of course, in the process of this, we all got soaked :) While we waited for the rain to stop, we all sang hymns in President's garage. The Spirit was very strong and it was wonderful to feel the love that was there. (This is where the title of my email comes from)

Something that I realized on Sunday was the importance of individuals. During testimony meeting, our bishop talked about home/visiting teaching and he said that "ministering is one to one" and that really struck me. I thought about that and the program the church has to minister to the needs of each individual. Home and visiting teaching are inspired and directed by a Father in Heaven who is aware of each of His children. I know without a doubt that that God I worship loves and knows each of us personally. He knows your name, He knows the things you have never told anyone, He knows your hopes and fears, and He loves you perfectly. He sent His perfect Son to suffer for each and every single one of us. Christ knows and loves you just as much as Heavenly Father does.You are engraved on His perfect hands. In the eyes of God, you are not just another face in the crowd. You are divine and glorious. You are worth the blood of the Son of God. You matter. The things that you care about are important to the Creator of endless worlds. Never forget that.

Love y'all,
Sister Pyper


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