May 22, 2017


Holly Springs


Sister Smith

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Monday: We met this awesome lady named Sue! We had some extra time before an active member lesson, so we were knocking in their neighborhood. Sue was out walking her dog and we stopped to talk to her. She actually knew the members we had an appointment with and has always been impressed by them. We were able to talk to her for a while and set up a time to come teach her. She has always had questions about religion and some things in the Catholic church that don't make sense to her. OH! She actually contacted us ahead of time to let us know that she wouldn't be there for her appointment and asked to reschedule. That pretty much never happens so when people do it is so exciting!!

Tuesday: We had a great lesson with Jenn in a member's home! The members immediately loved her and have already been so helpful to her! They offered to give her a ride to church and bring her to choir with them. Jenn had sung in the choir at her old church, so she was excited to be asked to come with them. Teaching in members' homes is the best! The Spirit is (pretty much) always there more than it is at an investigator's home and it helps the investigator meet members and build a friendship with them. Jenn is amazing! I am so grateful to be able to teach her and help her come closer to her Savior! <3

Wednesday: Oh my goodness, so many great things happened today!! #1: We had a lesson with Linda and the Mandarin-speaking sisters. We are giving Linda to them to teach because we felt it would be best for her to be taught in her native language. It was a little bittersweet but I know ultimately it will be what is best for her. #2: Tracting into our new Relief Society president. We were going to stop by a less-active member, took the wrong turn, wound up on a street we had never been and then Sister Smtih felt prompted to knock this one cul de sac. The very first door we knocked on was the new Relief Society president. As in, just called on Sunday new. She knows all of her neighbors and told us about them. Then she asked us to be her 'service spies' and go help a lady in the ward who is in the process of recovering from surgery and moving at the same time. It was so neat to see how we were led to meet the RS president. It was definitely an answer to prayers, we have been trying to regain the love and trust of that ward (long story, but nothing bad), so this was exactly what we needed!#3: Sister Smith felt prompted to go stop by a less-active that we had tried before but had never been home. She was actually home!! (Noticing a theme yet? Sister Smith is awesome and so in tune with the Spirit! Also, miracles happen when you follow promptings, even when they don't seem to make sense.) It was a literal miracle that she was home in the middle of the day on a weekday! We talked to her for about an hour. She told us about her life, why she doesn't go to church, and told us that she wants her daughter to get more involved in church and grow up knowing about God. We explained that we teach people the gospel and offered to come teach her whole family the lessons. She was so excited about that!! So we have an appointment tonight to teach her, her husband and her daughter. I am so excited!!!#4: David. David was the mystery contact in our phone who came to a baptism a couple weeks ago. We had a great conversation with him. It ultimately ended with him not being interested (probably because he is a pastor and has been the pastor of this church for close to 20 years) but it was still wonderful. He is such a committed follower of Christ and genuinely wants to do what is right. Something I have come to see more on my mission is that every church has good and has some part of the truth. However, I wholeheartedly believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church with all of the truth. I am so grateful for the incredible Christians I have met here in NC and their example to me of how to live my life as a disciple of Christ, but I am even more grateful to have a knowledge of the fullness of Christ's gospel as found in His church. 

Thursday: Interviews!! We just had interviews 2 weeks ago, so it was a very short time in between. Lucky me, though, I get 2 interviews this transfer!! 😃I went on exchange with Sister O'Meara. This is her fourth transfer and she was trained by one of my past companions. It was so fun to reminisce about an old companion and share stories with someone she trained. Sister O'Meara is an awesome missionary, such a hard worker and a strong love for the gospel. I learned a lot from her about what it means to have charity for everyone.

Friday: Still on exchange. It was the longest exchange I have been on and I loved it! Due to schedules in both of our areas, we ended up spending all day Friday together and exchanging back late at night. It was so much fun! We biked a lot today, which was exhausting but fun. Holly Springs is full car, so I haven't really biked since I left Durham. We found two of the most amazing people I have met! Sadly for me, they are in Garner so I probably won't see them again unless they get baptized this transfer. They were sitting in their garage and Sister O'Meara felt like we should go talk to them (again, follow promptings, miracles will happen) and they are so prepared! They told us that, just a couple days ago, they had been talking about how they never feel comfortable at churches they have gone to and were wondering if there was one true church on the Earth. We were able to teach them the full Restoration and commit them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. The girl told us she would probably have half of it read by the time the sisters went back this Thursday. The worst part of exchanges is finding these incredible people that I don't get to teach again. It's okay though, Sister O'Meara and Sister Uchytil are incredible missionaries and I know that these people will get baptized. 

Saturday: We did service in the morning with our ward, then spent most of our afternoon doing our weekly planning. Then we took Jenn to the ward talent show and she had a great time! Lots of ward members introduced themselves to her and all of them invited her to church. Activities are such a great way to introduce people to the church building in a non-threatening way. Inviting friends to activities works! Do it!

Sunday: Jenn came to church!! I got to see someone form my first area and get an update on someone I taught my third transfer who just baptized. Apparently she loves the temple and is so excited to go every chance she gets. I love hearing about people I taught! <3 Also, someone else I taught in my first area apparently moved to Garner, got found by the elders there, is being taught and came to church with them! Durham is quite possibly the promised land, so many people that I taught there are getting baptized or meeting with missionaries again. It makes me so happy because I loved that place so much!! I love Holly Springs too, of course! I love every area where I am, I know that each area has been exactly where I am supposed to be. 

Love y'all,
Sister Pyper


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