August 1, 2016


Wake Forest


Sister Bobbitt

Who would have thought I would ever be grateful for Pokemon??

I'm not sure if y'all are aware of this new app called Pokemon Go! The fact that I am aware of it, as a low-tech missionary, is a good indicator of how huge it is. It's an app where you can walk around and hunt for Pokemon. There are certain places that have lots of Pokemon, places like parks and downtown Wake Forest. Sister Bobbitt and I thought it was funny that it took an app to get people outside :) But it is surprisingly really good for us as missionaries. We try to go to the park near our house about once a week to contact people. We went last week and there were so many people there! We couldn't figure out why at first, until we noticed that just about everyone was on their phone. Thank you Pokemon for getting people outside. Especially in Carolina humidity. Most people are slaves to the AC, but apparently Pokemon hunting takes priority. What a weird reality shift.

Oh! Tiny but impressive miracle from Saturday. We had biked to a neighborhood near us to go tracting. While we were talking to people, I could hear some thunder in the distance. It wasn't close enough that I worried about it, but I could tell the storm was coming in. We biked back home when it was time to go back, getting home right at 9 pm (curfew for missionaries). Sister Bobbitt had unlocked the door and was taking her bike inside and I had just gotten on the porch when instantly it started pouring. Literally right after I got under cover. The Lord definitely blesses us when we are obedient. The storm was still going on after we finished planning, so I prayed that our home would be protected and that we would be kept safe. Not even a minute later, the storm started dying down. So prayers definitely work, even in the smallest details.

Lynda (our golden investigator, the one with a baptismal date) said something really sweet this past week. She told us that "being friends with y'all makes me want to know God more". Awwwwww! I love being able to play a small part in this daughter of God coming to know her Father more and receive the blessings of the gospel.

It's amazing to see how the Lord prepares people in ways we can't imagine. A former Baptist Seminary student is not who I would have imagined would be ready to hear the restored gospel, but clearly that is why I am not in charge of this work, the Lord is. I am so very grateful for that. This truly is His work and He is very much involved in it. I know that I could not do any of the things I have been able to be a part of without His hand. He does everything from stopping storms to inspiring someone to make an app to get people outside is :) I heard someone say that all of the technology we have access to today has a divine source and was created so that more of Heavenly Father's children can hear His gospel. My testimony of that has increased this week. We have been able to use lots of different methods to teach this past week. We had phone lessons, text lessons, and a couple Facebook lessons. It is amazing to see how much good can be done with the tools we already use every day.

Love y'all
Sister Pyper


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