August 29, 2016


Wake Forest


Sister Bobbitt

"I'll go where you want me to go"

First of all, transfer news!! I am getting transferred! Along with all three other missionaries in the ward..... Crazy, right?!?! We were so shocked when we heard that both elders are leaving too! I have no idea where I am going, the zone leaders won't even tell us which zone we are going to, so I guess I just have to wait. I'm sad to be leaving, this area has been challenging at times but I have loved every day here. I have seen this area grow and seen the work move forward. The Lord definitely helped us leave the area better than we found it. We are going to be leaving lots of notes for the new sisters coming in to help them. Lynda and Jonathan's baptism is scheduled for the 17th of September, so that makes it harder to leave. I am going to miss them, but I know the new sisters will love them just as much as I do. The sisters are coming into a wonderful area and I know miracles will continue here.

We had a miracle yesterday at church. We walked into the chapel and saw an investigator who we haven't had contact with in about a week. He randomly decided to come to church, although I know it wasn't random at all. He told us that he had felt earlier in the week that he wanted to go to church. He said that, as the week went on, he felt more and more urgency about going to church. He said that we wasn't able to see the church at first, but he really wanted to come so he kept looking for it. It was amazing to see him in church and to hear how the Spirit worked in him. He said that he was impressed by how reverent it was for the entire service. He also told us that he felt spiritually fed and that he was grateful he could attend. OH! A woman who hasn't been to church at all since I have been here (and probably longer than that) came to church too!! I have no idea what prompted her to come, but I am glad she did.

This past week in district meeting we talked about temples and how the temple is the reason we do missionary work. We are not out here simply to baptize, we are here to help families become eternal. That is only possible through the work done in the temple. I realized that the temple is a physical symbol of hope. Because of the work done in temples, death is not the end of the relationships we treasure most. We have hope that we will see those we love again because of the sacred ordinances available in these holy houses of God. Our district leader gave us each a picture of the temple we received our endowments in, to remind us of how we felt and remind us of our purpose in teaching. I am so incredibly grateful for the temples and the opportunity we have to be sealed to our families for all eternity.

We got to do lots of service this past week! About a month ago, we contacted a former investigator named Paula. She had met with missionaries for years and never felt like she knew it was true. She told us there was a possibility that she would be moving, so we gave her our card and told her to call us if she needed any help. She called us twice last week and asked if we could come help her pack and clean. Of course we said yes! We went and helped her a little on Monday and then again Wednesday morning. I honestly can't think of a better way we could have spent part of our preparation day. We were able to give her the help that she needed and I felt like we did exactly what the Savior would have done if He was here. I have no doubt that we were doing His work and were put there to bless her in some small way. As King Benjamin said, "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God". We are able to live our religion more fully when we serve.

Love y'all,
Sister Pyper


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