March 20, 2017


Holly Springs


Sister Wall

Shorter email, awesome week

Okay, this email might not be as long or as detailed as other ones. Sorry. Ethan leaves for the MTC today so I had to make sure I got in some last pictures (and proxy hugs) before my family heads out, and now I'm running low on time. Just know it was an amazing week and I am grateful to be here.

Transfers are next week, no guarantees of what will happen, but we are thinking that Sister Wall will leave and I will stay. But if any of y'all randomly decide to write me, just send it to 5060 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh NC 27609 just in case.

Zone activity at the NC history museum. There was so much cool stuff! And we got to see President and Sister James, which is always fun!

Did service for an investigator, we are helping him remodel his basement.
Did a bunch of stop-bys when Jody was sick for our appointment.
I was getting sick so we went to bed early.

Exchanges with the Garner sisters.
While tracting, this man told us he was busy right then but asked if we could come back in an hour. Of course we can!! (Then of course he wasn't home when we went back.....)
It was freezing today and we were so cold when we were tracting. Both Sister Tagge and I wanted soup/chili for dinner because we were so cold. So we show up to dinner and we were having......taco soup!!

Interviews with President!! I love getting to see President and hearing his counsel and guidance.
Adam. We were tracting and I was not too excited to be there, I was still a little sick and mostly just wanted to rest. But that's not really an option too often as a missionary. And if we hadn't been knocking, we wouldn't have met Adam, and he is so great! He has met missionaries a few years ago and doesn't really go to a church right now. We had a really good doorstep lesson and he said he would probably be able to come to church on Sunday! We gave him a pamphlet to read and pray about. Saturday night we get a text from him saying he had read the pamphlet. AND started working on the additional study questions in the back. No one every does those. Ever. Except for Adam. He wasn't able to come to church, but had really great questions about the priesthood and told us he believes "that there was definitely a long disconnect from true gospel". HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

We actually got the cops called on us. At 4 in the afternoon. In townhouses. Yep, that's a real thing that actually happened. I still think it is completely ridiculous. We hadn't been to this place in almost a month and felt like we should go back to try the people that didn't answer the first time. We had some good contacts, but didn't find anyone interested. After we had tried all the people that didn't answer, we headed back to the car to go somewhere else. We are almost back to the car when a police car pulls in and parks. We both kept walking because we weren't doing anything illegal and we were leaving anyway. Then of course they get out and ask to talk to us. When we turn around and they see our nametags, they get this look of understanding. The one who was talking to us said that they had gotten a complaint that some people were going door to door 'selling things'. Before we even got a chance to tell them that we weren't selling anything, the female cop tells us she knows that we are just there to try to talk to people, that she has had missionaries knock on her door before. Of course, they couldn't legally do anything to make us leave; we weren't soliciting, there were no 'no trespassing' signs, and it was 4:30 in the afternoon. All they could do was tell us someone had complained and suggest that we go somewhere else, or head in for the day. We were already planning to leave, but it was still hilarious that someone was so worried about two twenty year old girls in skirts that they called the police on us.

OH MY GOODNESS what an incredible day! Not only did we find 5 new investigators (our goal for the day was 3), but we were totally led to where Heavenly Father needed us to be. After following Sister Wall's prompting to knock this one street (where we found 2 new investigators), we still had an hour before we had to be in. We didn't feel like we should finish knocking the street, that there was somewhere else we should be. We remembered that during companion study we had read in Preach MY Gospel that we should use our area book to find more people. We felt like that was what we should do, but wanted to do it out in public rather than our apartment. So we prayed about where we should be and both felt good about going to the Subway right up the street. So we run home to grab our area book and head to Subway. The Subway is connected to a gas station and when we pull up Sister Wall recognizes the woman standing at the pump. She apparently felt very strongly that she needed to get out and talk to them RIGHT NOW because she parked and ran over, leaving the car door open. So I follow her and realize that the woman is someone that the sisters used to be teaching. We ask her how she's doing and she tells us that she needs prayers. Her mom was in the hospital and Darla (the woman Sister Wall recognized) had been having a really hard time. We were able to pray with her and tell her that Heaven;y Father was aware of every detail of her life. We were definitely meant to be there at that exact time. If we had stopped to check the mail like we thought to, or had knocked one more door on the street, or gone to the library, we would have missed seeing Darla. God is truly in the details!!

We didn't have a member feed us dinner. Today, that was actually a really good thing. We are trying to save miles since we are going to Raleigh twice this week, plus driving to Garner every week and also having to go all the way to Knightdale this week too, and it worked out perfectly for us to eat at our apartment.
Found two new investigators that are awesome!

Love y'all
Sister Pyper


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