March 27, 2017


Holly Springs


Sister Wall

I'm staying in Holly Springs!

First, transfer news! I am staying, Sister Wall is getting transferred. She is heading to Raleigh to train!
Oh my goodness, what a wonderful week filled with lots of inspiration and revelation! We had a member of the Seventy come tour our mission. We had a zone conference with him on Wednesday and then MLC (mission leadership council) with him on Thursday. Plus the Woman's Broadcast on Saturday. I learned so much and had questions answered that I didn't realize I was asking. It was the best!!
Monday: We found a new investigator. At the last door we had time for, of course. We actually didn't even knock on his door. He was walking down his driveway to check the mail and we started talking to him. He dated an LDS girl in high school and has questions. 
Tuesday: I got to go on exchange with Sister Ruske!! It was awesome! It was kindof surreal, because it felt like we were back in D2 but not. It was so sweet to see how much she had grown in the past transfer and also see how she is still the same sweet, bubbly, adventurous sister I got to train <3 {She is staying in the zone, so I will get to go on exchange with her again soon!} We met this super sweet lady who let us come in out of the (unexpected) heat and gave us both two water bottles and offered us snacks. Oh how I love the South! Then that night when we had a lesson with a couple they are teaching, they gave us water and cheesecake. I think Southern hospitality should exist everywhere. 
Wednesday: ZONE CONFERENCE!! It was the best! Elder Hamula of the Seventy came with his wife. We had been asked to come with questions that we were seeking answers for, in preparation for receiving revelation. I had been struggling to come up with questions, there didn't seem to really be anything I needed. So I didn't have any specific questions in mind, but I came away from zone conference with answers to questions I didn't know I had. Elder Hamula talked about faith and how to increase our faith. Heavenly Father knew what I needed long before I did and He communicated those things to me through zone conference. Things I had had a question about months ago, things I needed to work on, ways to improve, and the motivation I needed all came as I listened to Elder Hamula instruct us. I am so incredibly grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost that allows me to hear exactly what I needed, when I didn't even realize it was what I needed. It was also interesting to talk to Sister Wall on the way home, we both got completely different things out of what Elder Hamula said. Sister Wall was also prompted to stop by a semi-active teenage girl in our ward. It was exactly what she needed that day. There was a funeral for someone she looked up to the next day and she was having a hard night. We were able to share our love for her and help her to feel the Spirit. 
Thursday: MLC with Elder Hamula! We discussed things we had learned from zone conference and how we were going to apply it. I had a really neat experience as I reviewed my notes. I had learned a lot of thigns at zone conference and I was trying to figure out a way to summarize them all. As I looked over my notes and pondered what I had learned, I had the thought "be present" come to my mind. Those two words summarized all the things I had learned from zone conference and felt prompted to change. It is amazing that I can receive inspiration and insight just from reviewing notes I took when I was receiving inspiration. It is something I don't do as often as I should , but I will definitely be doing it more often from now on. 
I got to see a couple people from my first ward! They were randomly at the stake center where MLC was and I got to see them! Complete with the cheesy 'running across the parking lot to hug each other' that I only thought happened in movies. 
The neighbor of a member is apparently interested in learning more! The member had told us about her neighbor about a month or so ago but we were never able to see her until last week. We stopped by on exchange and introduces ourselves. She wasn't interested, but was very nice. So then today, the member texts us and says her neighbor (the same one I met last week) was asking her about the church and said she wants to know more! Our member told her friend that we teach people more about what we believe and asked if she would be interested in meeting us. Her neighbor said yes, so we are having lunch with them this coming week! Heavenly Father definitely prepares people in His own timing. I am so grateful I get to be a part of it!
We had Bishop and his wife come out with us. We had originally wanted them to come see Adam with us, but Adam had to work late so we had to last-minute figure out who to go see. Sister Wall and I felt like we should go see an investigator that we haven't been able to see in over a month. Sam, the man we went to go see, was actually home!! He has been reading occasionally in the Book of Mormon and was so excited to see us! He told us his mom had died three weeks ago and we were able to testify of the Plan of Salvation. We gave him a couple chapters in the Book of Mormon to read and set up to come back the next evening. 
Friday: Thanks to Elder Hamula, we had an incredible lesson with Barbara! Elder Hamula had talked about asking inspired questions and being open to the promptings of the Spirit when listening to discern the concerns investigators have. Sister Wall and I wanted to know what was keeping Barbara from feeling comfortable setting a date to be baptized. We asked questions and listened to the Spirit and we were able to figure out most of her true concerns. 

Awesome lesson with Sam! We had another member come with us and it all lined up perfectly! Sam had texted us saying he was busy, to not come, but we didn't see it until we pulled up in his driveway. He told us that he had been working on a shed in his backyard but "the Holy Spirit told me to get down off the roof and wait for those girls. They might be coming anyway" and we did!! Sam had actually read some of the chapters we had given him and he loved them! 
Saturday: Woman's Conference! Similar to zone conference, I didn't have a specific question in mind, but I got answers to questions I didn't know I was asking. President Eyring's talk was exactly what I needed to hear. It was kind of strange, but in a wonderful way. He said something at the beginning of his talk that caught my attention and I was pondering it. I could hear President Eyring continue to speak, but I wasn't really hearing what he said. I was hearing what I personally needed to hear, directly from the Spirit. And Barbara came to the broadcast!We got transfer news. See above in case you forgot what the news was. 
Sunday:Barbara came to church! After visiting our recent convert Zac and his family, Sister Wall felt prompted to turn the car around and knock 5 doors on this one street. So we did and the last door we knock is a kid named Cody. He told us he was supposed to be at a hockey game, but had slept through his alarm and missed the game. Well, clearly he wasn't supposed to be at his hockey game :)
I'm excited to stay here in Holly Springs! 
Love y'allSister Pyper


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