September 12, 2017


England MTC


Elder McKinley

Turning Outwards Like Christ


Can't believe I’m 19!! That’s so crazy! Thank you SOOOO MUCH for all of my birthday presents! I included some pictures of me enjoying my gifts. I LOVE that calendar and will use it every day. you are so sweet to think of me and plan for my birthday so ahead of time! I love you!

I remember signing Blake’s contract with Kenya and Skyler to serve a mission like it was yesterday. Now we are all out on our missions! That is so awesome!

I'm so grateful for the YW who made mom that encouragement book, the quilt, and all of those ribbons. And that they made Noelle her own marked up BOM. I hope the YW will “keep an eye” on Noelle and help her continue to feel loved. It means so much to me that they served you like that. I love them! I pray every day that people will be looking out for, and serving our sweet little family.

I love it here in the MTC, but I’m counting down my last days here. My last day here is next Tuesday (Sept. 19th). This time next week I'll be half way to London! WOOOOHOOOO. We leave on a bus for a 7-hour ride to London, where we'll meet our Mission President and get assigned our areas. This being my last P-day here, you might not hear from me for a week or two. Depending on my comp, I may have less time to email as well. Just know I’m always loving and thinking about you guys regardless of if I have enough time to tell you.

I’ll miss the MTC. Well maybe not all of it, but definitely the relationships I’ve developed. I love the guts out of my district. I get along with all of them so well. I'll miss my teachers a lot too. We're singing a good bye to our favorite teacher, Brother Hunter on Monday. There will probably be some tears.

So, if I'm being honest the previous week was pretty hard. But, this week was the complete opposite. I had some divine experiences that helped me have a better week. I couldn't get my mind off of home, and Peyton, and life, and it was SUPER discouraging. I felt like a crummy missionary for not giving my all. But then we had a devotional and watched a talk from Elder Bednar called The Characteristics of Christ. It changed my whole perspective.

Elder Bednar talked about turning outwards towards others like Christ would. I realized I was being so selfish and looking inwards. All I was thinking about was myself. I realized that, although it sounds sad, I have to place our family, Peyton, and my life on the "Altar" and be willing to sacrifice you all (not literally but you get the point hehehe). I felt strongly that it was worth it to me. Not to be mean, but I had a realization that I have a deeper love for God than my family because through him, I have my family forever. So, every time I had a homesick thought of our family, or Peyton, I knew it wasn’t from God. I would pray to have those thoughts leave me, I’d study, and then serve. That formula works so well. Thanks for teaching me that Momma! I’ve been able to turn outwards more easily now!

That’s all for now. This has been such a good week. I CANNOT wait to be in London. I love you all dearly!

Elder Madsen

Hooray for Michigan! It sounds like they're doing great so far!

1. Birthday box!
2. Birthday party
3. Opening presents
4. Avenham Park near where the 1st British baptisms took place
5. Ribble River, with Elder McKinely, where 1st British baptisms took place


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