May 2, 2018


Bristol City Centre


Elder Butler

I Crashed Our Car

Usually missionaries use a title like this to falsely rope people into their emails, and then say, “Oh nope, I was just kidding!” …I wish I could say the same. I crashed our little Hyundai ix20 this week.

We were on this tiny road (of course) and this ambulance came out of NO WHERE. It literally spawned right in the center of the road, so everyone slammed on their brakes and I tapped into the bloke in front of me. There was no damage. Half of our license plate fell off, but that's all. Cool to say I crashed a car on my mission though.

Besides that, we had a super fun week! We had fun working over in Washford/Minehead this week, so I finally got to see one of Elder Munson’s areas! It took me six months but I made it. It was beautiful.

We also had an exchange with the APs this week in Kingston. I was with Elder Walker, which was good fun. Then a couple days later we had an exchange with the Weston Elders (Elder Currie and Elder Pattillo) in Bristol. That was a blast as well! I've realized that for my whole mission, apart from like 11 weeks, I have been around Elder Pattillo. I love that man.

Crazy, crazy miracle.... every transfer we have one week called the “Harvest Week”, which means the whole mission dedicates their whole week to finding new friends. The highest the Bristol Zone has ever found was 74. We set a huge goal to get 81 this week! Everyone was all in and wanted it so bad, but Saturday evening, before the last day, we only had 49 friends. We were 32 short!

It had already taken us SIX DAYS to find 49, so Saturday night we prayed so hard to know what to do, and Elder Butler and I felt like we needed to do a huge group phone call as a Zone to get everyone pumped up, so we did that. Then we went out after church on Sunday and Elder Butler and I searched for SEVEN HOURS. Literally from 2pm until 9pm, we didn't even take a break to eat hahaha. We just wanted it so badly we stayed out all day.

Our Zone has a group chat where, every time an investigator is found, we notify each other along with the current number we’ve reached collectively. So at 8:55pm, after finding our last friend of the day, we took out our phone to post our results and found that the Zone had JUMPED FROM 49 TO 85!!!!!! We beat the record by four! Elder Butler and I were so pumped we just ran up Park Street to this tower called Cabot Tower. We ran all the way to the top of the tower, looked over the city of Bristol, and prayed to thank Heavenly Father for that experience. It was SOOO COOL! SUCH A MIRALCE!

God is so good. I've felt that so much this week, as well as this last 8 months… and honestly the last 19 years of my life. I have so much faith in his plan, and hope in his promises. I am filled with love towards him and everyone because of the perspective he brings as I come to him and accomplish his will. If you're feeling discouraged or down, take a second to think of the precious promises God has made you and believe that, if you follow him, they'll come to pass! Then make some changes and do what he would have you do. I promise if you're humble enough and diligent, God will work miracles in your life! He has done it in mine time and time again!
Hebrews 6:10-12,15

I love you all!

Elder Madsen (aka Speed Racer)

1. Minehead
2. Minehead beach
3. Exchange with Elder Walker
4. Exchange part 2
5. This one is for my favorite (by far) brother.
6. Cabot Tower
7. Overlooking the city of Bristol from the top of Cabot Tower


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