March 14, 2018


Bristol City Centre


Elder McSpadden

Wrong Side of the Road

Hi Everyone!

Well my week has been amazing! Started off by going to London last Wednesday, we went on exchanges with the APs in Kingston which was fun, I learned a lot from them. Their flat is massive, so we were there with like 9 other Elders haha.

The reason there where so many is because the next day we had zone leadership training. We woke up Thursday morning and went to President’s house and spent the whole day learning about how to become better teachers. It was so fun to get to learn so much from President, and to also see him role play how to teach. I learned so much. We literally just practiced teaching from like 9 am until 6pm. It was proper legit.

Then the next day we had MLC which was all the Zone Leadership and President just talking on how to improve and move the mission forward. Got to see Elder Lawson and a lot of other good friends there, it was fun to catch up. Longest day ever though…wowza. Then we drove all the way back to Bristol. Took us AGES.

Best part about MLC though was I finally got permission to drive! I've actually picked it up pretty quick! The roundabouts are flipping tricky and it's weird driving on the other side of the car. I always drift into other lanes haha but I'm pretty good! I get to drive all the way to Poole tomorrow for (yet another) meeting! I'm excited!

Those are kind of the most exciting things from this week. I've been studying a lot about Abinadi this week and I came across the part where it talked about him needing to wear a disguise to enter the city. He knew full well that if he were to get caught he would be punished... heavily. But he was still so willing to put everything on the line for God. Also, he knew full well the benefit and blessing it would be to others. He NEVER saw the fruits of his work but he was perhaps one of the most influential people for the course of the rest of the Book of Mormon! I want to be like him. Selfless, courageous, and so willing to give everything to my Heavenly Father.

I love you all so much! The work here is going so well! Pray for our friend Marcus! He's 19 and rows for Bristol Uni and is such an honest searcher for the truth, but has rowing competitions EVERY Sunday. We're going to try to help him all we can to get him to church this week!

Sorry for the short email!

Elder Madsen

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