July 24, 2016


2nd zone assignment, Los Cruces, New Mexico


Hermana Moss / Hermana Saunders

Training!! I'M GONNA BE A MOM!

Hello! Sorry I don't have much time today - but a lot of pictures!!! Also: I GOT A TRAINING CALL! I'M TRAINING! WOOHOO! I don't know if I'm staying in this area or leaving - we'll find out on Saturday!

This week has been OYMing all the way! We got 67 OYM's - our goal this week is 100! We've literally been talking to everyone we see and Hermana Saunders OYM'ed someone in their car as we were sitting in traffic. #bestOYMever We've been going through potentials from previous missionaries in this area and we are excited to see them. A lot of them have moved or lost contact with missionaries, but there are many who are still ready and willing to listen.

We had a Family Home Evening and dinner last night with a family in our ward. We had a little bit of time and so we went to the backyard to see their puppies. The family has two big dogs (I don't know what they're called - it's the dog from the Target commercials?) and they have 5 or 6 puppies. The dogs started getting rowdy and decided that Hermana Saunder's skirt was her new favorite chew toy. I have never had nervous laughter before but I just couldn't stop laughing cause I didn't know if she was gonna live.....haha. But she lived and has a huge hole in her skirt to tell the tale. Have you ever tried teaching a lesson while your companion is dressed in Cinderella rags? I have.

Next week our P Day will be on Monday the 25th instead of Tuesday because we will have transfers on Tuesday.

This week I've been reading in the book of John and it's so interesting to read about Christ's ministry from different perspectives. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to know him on a more personal level and spend this appointed time thinking how I can do it for the rest of my life. It really quite amazing the changes that take place in you as you help people change themselves. Something that has been really inspiring this week is a poem called: "The Fellowship of the Unashamed." Look it up if you can!

Well I love you all and hope to hear from you next week!

I also tried Chik - Fil - A for the first time this week! 🐓

Hermana Bigley


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