August 14, 2015


Seaside, California, Mission call - Grand Opening!



Mission Acceptance Letter

I am deeply grateful for the sacred opportunity to receive and accept a mission call for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and by extension Heavenly Father himself. Though I feel worthy and will continue to prepare for a full time mission as a representative of Christ, it is easy to feel unprepared and inadequate when handling such a sacred responsibility. However, I know that the through the Atonement, the Lord qualifies whom he calls and we are able to overcome our weaknesses and imperfections because we can become perfected in Christ.

I hope to undergo an immense building and strengthening of my character, faith and charity while I serve the people of New Mexico. I hope to help others cultivate a rich growing experience as well, while I interact with other missionaries and mission leaders. Most importantly, I hope to proclaim good tidings of joy and share that the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in these the latter days! Through obedience and work with all the energy of my heart, might, mind and strength I know I can more fully be an effective missionary and serve his children! I have goals to become my best self, to submit to the will of the Lord and learn the pure love of Christ.

I had a strong desire to serve in a foreign country and learn another language - but I know without a doubt that the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission, Spanish speaking is where the Lord wants me to be, where he needs me to be! The Lord knows me better than I know myself, and is always looking to bless his children with a plan of eternal happiness in mind. I can only hope to repay a part of the debt that our Savior has paid, and render a year and a half of missionary service. Thus, I am fully and completely willing to accept my call to serve! Thank your prayerful and thoughtful considerations that have guided me to this calling.


Sister Isabella Bigley


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