August 14, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Mason

SING! sing a song, sing it loud, sing it strong! <3

This week I'm headed to a place called Lobos! my new companion will be Hermana Martinez! and we're having a conference with Elder Bragg so we'll be receiving lots of revelation! huge blessings!
This week we had to stay inside during the primary elections they had. the first Sunday in a while that I've spent at home! haha it was weird to not be out and about working, especially because everybody else was outside in the sun and what not :) 

We had a few opportunities to share our testimonies and voices :) which is so fun to me! I don't think I have the best singing voice and I know I miss the notes sometimes, but I have seen that as I practice and try to share the love that I feel through the hymns, the Spirit helps me to be able to do it well. It's a neat promise that my Patriarchal Blessing mentions, so it's be fun to use that!

We sang in our last Family Home Evening with the Old-Single adults of the ward ;) we sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" and recited the first vision in place of the 3rd verse. I felt the Spirit so strongly as I shared about Joseph's experience. I know he prayed with all his might and that HEavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him. and that changed the world! through him and other prophets, Christ's church has been restored and we can receive the ordinances that we need through the proper authority! I'm so grateful for that knowledge!
In my last Sacrament meeting here in Ituzaingó 4, I had the opportunity to share some thoughts and knowledge about our Heavenly Father. I know He loves us perfectly. anybody can know it by praying with a sincere heart. I felt so much of His love by reading the Book of Mormon. I'm so grateful that He gives us so many tools to help us find our way in the dark, confusing world. 
love you all, have a great week! Hermana Hull
PAZ, Damian, and the Alberti family <3


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