July 17, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Mason

we weren't born to be wild...

but that song played in my head as I drove around the bumber car track in my 3 minutes of glory last P-day :) <3 I felt so free! 
and then we got our heads right back into the work! and we have worked so much this week and I feel so blessed <3
-but yeah last Monday we went to the mall, ate wendys, and played air hockey, bumber cars, and mini bowling to have a bit of fun! I love these awesome missionaries <3 
-Hermana Mason is the bomb dot com and says that sometimes when I speak in english I say things with an australian accent because I just listen to her so much so WOOHH!! I didn't even have to go to Australia and I'm getting it ;) 

-Hermana Laurie came to visit with her sisters! they're headed to Orem and California in October for their missions!
-We learned a really cool way to fold and cut paper so that it makes a cross and spells out love! so we used it in our Family Home Evening with the Older single adults and it was great! until we realized it really says LOVE in english and we were explaining it in spanish..... hahaha they understood and enjoyed it anyway :) 
-I hung out with Hermana Dos Santos from Brazil for a day and we were about to invite soooo many people to enter"> and watch a video about Jesus Christ! and I just love sharing the gospel even though it might be the smallest thing <3
-We went to Javier's house and got to know his wife Maria Virginia and his son Gabriel. Each thing(problem, experience, etc) they shared about led to the perfect conversation of the Book of Mormon, which was a testimony to me that the Book of Mormon can help anyone and everyone in whatever situation they may be in. soooo cool.
-We talked to Willy who owns a produce store(fruits, vegetables). he's funny, Bolivian, and has a ton of questions. his 3 month old baby is finally home from the hospital but he has to work ALL the time to pay the bills. he needs a lot of comfort and the Book of Mormon helps him too.
-We found Betti! we talked to her a few times about the Book of Mormon and she didn't seem interested until we testified. she has crazy work hours so we couldn't plan to meet her again but we passed by and she let us right in! we shared that families can be eternal and she looked at us with an excitement in her eyes <3 wow it's just amazing.
-We went to Alexis's aunt's birthday party. Her name is Luli and she's handicapped. she doesn't speak very well, but she loves to laugh :) we sang "I feel my Savior's love" to their family and friends as a gift for her.  Alexis is still struggling, but his desires are there, so if y'all could pray for him to be strong and that we can meet with him more often, we would greatly appreciate that. 
I love being the Lord's servant. I love sharing these experiences with y'all. thanks for your time! have a great week and be good <3Hermana Hull


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