July 10, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Mason

and the rain rain rain came down down down

I really actually like the rainy weeks and days because I feel like it's an extra challenge to overcome. And almost everytime we find a miracle near the end of the day :) We walked around a ton, trying to find the people we've contacted or referrals we still need to contact and we almost don't find anybody. But the ones we do find and special because they take the time to come outside of their house, into the cold and speak with us. 
On Tuesday, Hermana Mason turned 20!!!!!!!!! So we went to our district meeting and found that they Elders made her a SUPER pretty cake! I'm still in doubts about whether they bought it or not... haha :) they're sooo good. Elder Carreño is from Colombia and Elder Toledo is from Chile, they're capos.
Also it was super funny because Nacho, a member who likes to treat us to ice cream on special occasions, got confused and thought it was my birthday!! and when I told him it wasn't he didn't believe me!!!! so I didn't want to offend him or make him feel weird so we played along for about 20 more minutes until he asked about my family and I just couldn't make up a story so we had to tell him and he felt really silly :) hahaha 
other miracles:
We got a call Wednesday night from President Resek, telling us that he had just finished teaching a lesson to a young man, Alexis. He met Alexis when he helped them take all their luggage from the airport to their house and President asked him then if he would be baptized!! and he said yes!!!!!
so anyways, we called him to introduce ourselves and just from the phone call we could tell that he's super special. He has a pure deisre to change and you can see it in his eyes! sooooo cool. I feel super humble to be able to help him on this journey <3
Also we found a man named Javier who has a ton of faith! we started talking to him about what makes the Church of Jesus Christ different. He asked about some of our standards/rules/commandments (the ones that can be hard to explain)(because a lot of people don't live by them) and he has a pretty similar view! and he's excited to know more!
We have received so many referrals this week! That means that somebody came in contact with somebody who wants to know more about Christ's teachings and were able to share their information with us so we can visit them! We're excited to just open our mouths and share the joyous news with everyone :)
It was actually a pretty hard week with a ton of rain and inconveniences (my bag broke, my map got ruined, rejections, etc) but I just feel that our Heavenly Father is carrying us through all the hard times. <3 and it can be like that for y'all too!
rely on Him, do what He asked you to do like Elder Clayton said in the conference and I know that you be able to make it through any trial, and maybe even with a smile!
love y'all soooo much!Hermana Hull
We just celebrated a lot with the 4th of July, Birthday fun, 9th of July(Argentina's Independence Day), and rainy park picnics because the bus doesn't pass by quick enough... haha :)


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