June 26, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Mason


when I first heard people say that word, I thought they were saying "la mentablamente". like "the mentality" or something and I was just super confused. but it means unfortunately so not even close.. haha
I've got some good news, and some not so good news. 
My companion and "daughter", Hermana Mariño, had to go home. She had been struggling these weeks with adapting, and we found out it had to do with some medicines she was taking and stopped taking before the mission. Her body just couldn't catch up and with changes and stress it wasn't getting any better. So Wednesday morning she took her 30 minute flight so she could rest and take it easy with her family.
I'm a bit sad, but I know that she served her time, and put all her desires on the table and made it to the field. and that she only needed to be here a bit of time to learn the necessary things. Plus she's with her boyfriend now, so there's only a matter of time before she'll get married and be happy forever after ;) haha nooo I'm not sure what her plans are, but I know as she follows the Lord's plans and not her own, that she'll be super happy. Like we all can be :)
So. now I'm hanging out here in Ituzaingó still but now with Hermana Mason!!! from Australia!!! I feel super blessed because she's a genius! and we both had the same trainer(Hermana Moore) so what do you expect ;) haha 
We feel that the ward is growing stronger and that we've got the confidence of the members, but now I think we have to manage our time with them better. So basically we're organizing, refining, and putting some things in place that maybe have become a little looser. and we're super excited to be here and working together. 

It was kind of perfect that I wrote about changes last week, because I see how the Lord prepares us for them. He takes cares of us and helps us when we ask Him. He literally just carries us through things if we let Him, and things turn out better than they would if we fight back and want to do it our way.
So try to trust in Him. I promise all will turn out well!love y'all lots!Hermana Hull
ps. we've seen some hotter days this week with the sun super bright so we've been taking advantage of it <3 :) 


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