June 19, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Marino

BABY it's really cold outside

I realized that I'm a DORK and forgot to bring any of my many pairs of gloves on the mission... and we went to visit a family who recently moved to the ward and without saying anything, "Hermanas, you don't need gloves do you? because I bought like 6 pairs the other day!" :O so I've got my gloves now! hahaha
We're seeing lots of blessings from the Lord, in the form of finding our investigators on the bus to make an appointment with them because we were sick and couldn't pass by :) it was a suuuuper cool feeling when I saw Analia walk on the bus(who we haven't been able to find for about a month now) :) I know Heavenly Father blesses us when we have desires to do His work. This week we also found a few more new investigators! The grandson of a older sister in the ward, a reference from the Hermanas in Moron, and the mom of another investigator who asked to offer the prayer! Normally she avoids us and asks a few questions but never wants to sit down with us, but this time she had a lot of questions and stayed and wanted to say the closing prayer! We're still not sure how their progress is going, but I think we need to go back to the saints and idolatry because she gets pretty confused about that. I really love feeling the Spirit in our lessons. I love feeling a love for these people that allows me to think of the words that their Savior Jesus Christ would tell them if He were in the room (because we're His representatives). It just feels so special and I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve like that.

I'd also like to share my testimony about CHANGE! Because to many of us, change is really scary because we don't know what it'll be like afterwards, because it's something new or because we're comfortable where we are. 
In Alma in the Book of Mormon it talks about how this time on earth is for us to prepare to meet God. It's a space of time to learn to repent, or change. and it's so important that we do so!! We have to learn, grow, change who we are so we can be worthy to live in His presence.
I know that if we love Him, we willl want to keep His commandments and be clean of our sins. and we will be ready to meet Him one day and He'll just hug us and tell us how proud He is because it really is a hard thing. but He gives us tools and knows we can do it.
So keep on keeping on this week! I love you all very much!!Hermana Hull
my love of cats is growing.... and I am becoming Argentinian with mate cocido and alfahores. which don't exist in the United States I don't think which is suuuuper sad. pero bueno.


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