May 29, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Marino


that's right, I have a "daughter" in the mission and she's older and taller than I am :) but she's suuuuuper sweet and from Montevideo, Uruguay! 

As her mother(trainer) ;) I have found myself using some phrases that my parents use............................... Por ejemplo " I love you, but I don't understand you" ;) that's a fun one.
ALSO I thought about the way my mom always used to say "polife ocifer" instead of "police officer" aaaaand we found one in SPanish :)
"Cocholatada" instead of "chocolatada" or chocolate milk :) we're learning lots together. 
We met a man who a few months ago the Hermanas contacted and said a prayer with him so that his friend would be healed. He promised he would go to church if his friend was healed. but we didn't know any of that before we went by on Saturday and he told us! So he said he would come to keep his promise. in the middle of relief society(the last hour of church) we saw him and his recently operated friend in the hallway looking for us! they were a little nervous and didn't want to stay, but they recognized that the promise was made, his friend was healed miraculously and were able to enter and have a mini tour of the church! 

I read Doctrine and Covenants 121:32-46 as an assignment from President Robertson. when I had read I before I felt guilty sometimes like "oh I search for the praise of man" and things like that, but this time I recognized the focus and mindset of the mission that I have at this point, and I feel pretty unselfish and focused on the people in the work. I felt excited to share that with Hermana Mariño, and I see the love for the people growing within her already. so I'm excited to work on that with her! I'm calm, excited, and trying to follow the Spirit to guide well. I'm thankful for the opportunity to grow this way <3

thank you for all the  prayers! it is all going very well :) now we're just looking for some new people like always! love you all lots! thanks for all you do!Hermana Hull​​​​


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