May 22, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Laurie


Hermana Laurie is headed back to Chile tomorrow! Yesterday we took a remis(taxi) to the mission offices. On the way there she told me she'd been praying to have a Latina Companion and not somebody from the USA. :) but that I am Latina-enough that she enjoyed it. She's so great and I'm grateful for the friendship we have now. 
AWW super sad news, Bautista was getting ready for his baptism! We visited Friday to make sure all was ready and it was great. THEN Saturday morning his mom called us and said he was vomitting and just really sick. They thought it would pass in the night, but it didn't so we had to postpone the baptism :( it was pretty sad, but we're going to talk to his parents today and see about some plans for this Saturday. poor thing! 
We had a box almost full of Books of Mormon 2 weeks ago. Hermana Laurie said "Before I go, we've got to give all of them out". and I thought it would be cool, but I just laughed and didn't think we could. until Friday night there were only 4 left :) and we had 10 minutes until 9 :) so we went to a little plaza outside our apartment and gave out a few. and we're going to pass by this week to see how it went! super super cool to just share. and I felt the Spirit as I bore my testimony to a young guy whose girlfriend didn't want to talk to us, and he accepted and said we could visit! So I'm just very grateful for the power of the Book of Mormon and for this awesome challenge to read it in 60 days. Talking to Hermana Machado(a Brazilian Hermana) this morning, we decided that we already knew the Book of Mormon was true, so we didn't really read it to find that out, but to do what it says and strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. I have felt His infinite power and seen it work as we've read and work and acted on the words.

I received the news this morning that my new companion is a BRAND NEW Hermana! I don't know where she's from, what her name is, but I'll get to know her tomorrow! I get to help welcome her into the mission and we're gonna learn a few things together! I'm super excited for this opportunity!!
love you all lots! I hope this week is great and that everything goes smoothly!Hermana Hull


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