May 15, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Laurie

Mothers Day Call!

It was super great talking to my family! I left feeling so loved by my Heavenly Father. My family is super supportive and full of love and excitement for me. So I'm grateful for the chance to see that.
Last night I also took the time to think about all the motherly influences I've had, and I feel so so blessed by my Heavenly Father. He filled my life full of incredible women. so I just want y'all to know that I'm super grateful for you all <3

As far as the work goes, we're seeing some neat progress in Bautista and his family. He was able to stop being embarrassed and say the prayer to close our lesson :) He has his interview tomorrow and his baptism on Saturday! From the large Catholic family that we taught, we are still teaching Stefania and her grandma Matilde. They are awesome, and searching for the truth. They ask great questions and were able to open up to us a little more. We're so excited to help them see the blessings of following Christ's teachings and having an eternal family! Stefania came to church on Sunday and I think she really liked it :)Hermana Laurie is the liveliest almost dead person(because she's about to "die" in the mission) I've known ;) I love her attitude. We've been buying all kinds of sweets and things for her to take to Chile. man, I'm gonna miss her a whole lot.
I will never regret this mission experience. I know it has made my love for the scriptures grow, my trust and reliance on my Heavenly Father be tested, and I just feel like I have a clearer, more focused view of the world. It's just the perfect chance to help our Heavenly Father find His children and our brothers, so if there is a chance to go, I would highly recommend ;)

love you all so much, have a good week!Hermana Hull
pics: we found a wendys and I am sooo happy <3 even happier to see the family <3 and some fun divisions with Hermana Huston from AZ <3


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