May 8, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Laurie

We are soooooo protected.

I wanted to thank you all very much for your prayers of safety and protection, and I want to share with you and experience to show that they're being answered :)
This morning, my companion and I were walking through the city of Morón, heading back to the train to go to our apartment. A lady stopped us to try and sell us some perfume, so we talk to her, she tells us she'll drop the price even though her boss is behind her on the curb or something. But eventually she gave up and we left.
Hermana Laurie starts walking super fast, checking her bag and everything. She told me that's whatr people usually do while their partners are robbing you, so you're not paying attention. and I'm totally oblivious and naive and I didn't think about how dangerous it could be to smell the perfume she showed us and not pay attention to my bags... haha
We got to the train station and checked all of our bags to see what they had taken, because we totally fell for it, but luckily and by the blessings and protection of our Heavenly Father they didn't take anything! even worse, I was walking around with my camera, money to buy groceries and pay some bills and what not. 
We were totally shocked when we realized we fell for the trick, but they didn't even take anything! 
Also, we're helping Bautista be more prepared for his baptism! He's still pretty shy around us, so we're thinking of some more fun ways to get to know him or get him to open up before we start to teach! but he is so smart and ready :)
Stefania(the granddaughter of Matilde)(I can't remember what I've written) wants to be baptized!! her grandma still has some doubts and wants to learn more, but we have felt the Spirit so strongly. I feel Heavenly Father's love for them as we teach His truths and it's really just so special.
Hermana Laurie is getting ready to leave, buying boxes and bags of sweets to take with her to Chile :) but we're having fun and talking to all kinds of people on buses, in stores, and in their houses, so the work is good :)
Thank you for all your support and love! I feel it and it helps me be more excited to share it with others :) be good this week, look out for one another, and keep the Savior on your mind, and I know you will have a successful week :)
LOVE,Hermana Hull
pictures: we celebrated the 20th birthday of Kiara, our awesome ward missionary who will receive her mission call soon!, 18 months of Hermana Laurie's mission, and 9 months of mine :) lots of fun and ice cream and sweets and now I just want to eat fruit. 


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