May 2, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Laurie

Don't let the hormigas stay in your kitchen!

Well the work is moving along, slowly but surely! We have some new things coming up and we're excited! This week we're starting to work with a boy named Bautista. He turns 9 this week, and his family is starting to come to church more often! So I think we might have a baptism for May! He is so smart, he likes to read the Book of Mormon with his grandparents who are active :) so we're excited to be able to help out there. ALSO we entered the house of a catholic family as they were planning for a baptism :) and we taught them about the Restoration! and said we could come back! For now, only Stefania and her grandma are listening to us, but they're super great! The grandma has deep Catholic roots, but shared her growing doubts of images and the Virgens and what not. She also was interested to hear about the baptism, and she said it makes sense! So we hope to see more of the Spirit working with her heart :) Our recent convert, Carmen, is dealing with the sickness of her sister and has to stay home to take care of her and has missed 2 Sundays now :/ so we're a bit worried, but we know that she hates to miss, but also that it's easier to not come back after a few times not going.
We had a great class by or Bishop, Bishop Aimone this week! and it applies to everybody so pay attention!!! He started talking about what we do when we find ants in the kitchen, or bugs in our house. We do whatever we can to get them out right?? (when our other apartment had cockroaches, I got all suited up to kill those boogers every night!) anyway, he compared the ants and bugs to the bad things in our lives. How we shouldn't just let them sit there, if something's not okay or there are tempations in our way, we should be ready to make some changes and get them OUT. 
So I invite you all this week to get the hormigas out of your life! they're just nasty and they eat all your food and you just don't need them there. 
:) I hope you all have a great week. love you very much!Hermana Hull


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