April 17, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Laurie


So I went back to this beautiful part of the city called Ituzaingó, but I am now working with the 4th ward! and with Hermana Laurie!!! We've been following each other my whole mission and finally, for her last transfer, we're companions!!! She's from Concepcion, Chile! and she is so wonderful.
I wanted to thank you all so much for the special Easter and Birthday messages I received! I really felt so special to have the day to focus on my Savior and eat a bit of the chocolate eggs that are so famous here in South America. and my companion made me a little cake for breakfast so I enjoyed that too!
This week just filled me with a whole lot of love. We have been sharing the campaign, Prince of Peace with everyone we see! We took the opportunity to offer a little card to every single person on a very crowded bus! It felt so good to just try and share this beautiful message of peace with everyone.
And to add onto all the specialty of this week, we had the privilege to listen to the area leaders and President Russell M. Nelson and his wife speak this morning! I know that He and the other leaders of the church are men of God. They carry an incredible spirit with them. They have the opportunity to devote their lives to the service of the Lord, too. and we work together to improve and help those around us. One thing that stuck out to me again, like it did in general conference, was that he challenged us to make a list of the precious truths that we know, and HOLD ONTO THEM. because the world's about to get REAL shakey and we have to have our feet firm in our testimonies, following the commandments and receiving that protection from our Heavenly Father.
I know the Jesus Christ lives. That He offers us what nobody else can, and He pleads for us to follow Him so that WE can be happy. I'm so grateful for His sacrifice and I invite you all to look into what you can do to APPLY His sacrifice in your lives.
I send you all so so much love,Hermana Hull


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