April 10, 2017


Luján, Argentina


Hermana Hunter

Si, festijamos la Pascua :)

This week, in preparation for Easter, we've been sharing a lot about the life of Jesus Christ. There are some beautiful videos that will be here ("> every day this week, to remind us how Jesus Christ offers us peace in our lives. I know He is our Savior and there is incredible peace I have felt throughout the big, life-changing moments and even the littler, quiet ones. So I hope you all can feel a little bit of that peace this week and carry it with you for the weeks and months to come!
A (not-so) recent convert is really excited to share her testimony with the people around her. She thought, and gave out 3 Books of Mormon to some friends and family. She followed up to see how it went, and only one had read! haha I think she understands us better now. Anyways, her one friend started reading, and wants to be baptized! She struggles with some pretty serious health problems, so much so that she is on dialysis. She goes about 4 times a week. We went to visit and she was very straight forward and wanted to know what she had to do to be baptized in the church of her friend :) She has a determination that I think will help her reach her baptismal date in May. Hermana Suni got married this week, so we helped to decorate and set things up! The parties in Argentina always start and finish suuper last, so we didn't get to stay long enough to see the bride and groom, but we saw pictures and they are SO CUTE. His name is Aldo and he's getting baptized on Saturday! 
Also Hermana Fajardo from Colombia is going home this week :( so we said our goodbyes, and we got to take a picture with almost the whole ward <3 So these are the beautiful people I've spent the last 4 months with. I LOVE reading the Book of Mormon this way.(super fast so we finish in 60 days) This morning with the teachings of King Benjamin, I wanted to read it a little slower :) I think I'll just read it again, but I love the sure Spirit that comes from just opening the book. I know that if our investigators, less active members, and even members are reading the Book of Mormon, they will be so strong and have the deisre to follow the commandments of God. There is no denying it's truthfulness, it's power. it's just so special.I'M HEADED BACK TO ITUZAINGÓ (even though it's a different ward). (side-note: I'm super grateful that I learned to pack really quickly, because we found out at 9 this morning and I was packed by 12 :) but I am really excited to go and find new people and share my testimony all over the place. 
Love you all so much, have a good week and remember who you're trying to be like :)


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