April 3, 2017


Luján, Argentina


Hermana Hunter

What if love was our only motive?

I am just loving being a missionary. Of course the conference gave me an extra boost, so now I just feel like I want to tell every single person about Jesus Christ. It would be awesome if it was like that all the time, but the natural man starts to shove sometimes. We met with some hopeful investigators, Alejandro and Luz this week. Alejandro seems really excited and receptive about the gospel. Luz shared some of her concerns about the prophets with us. She was raised as a Catholic and told us it was hard for her to understand the concept of prophets and even more to accept it. We invited her to conference! We told her there was a great opportunity to just try it out, and listen to their words. They weren't able to make it. Alejandro is one of the most level headed people I know. We invited him to prepare for a baptismal date and he said they should work on getting to church first :) we agreed, haha. I know that Heavenly Father is touching their hearts and helping them to know the truth. We felt impressed to invite our investigator, Hugo, to baptism this week too. He accepted happily! He has seen the changes of a recent convert's family and expressed the desire for a change similar to theirs :) The members are great! When we told the Sister of the family, and before we could ask her, she offered to have him over for Family Home Evening AND acompany him to church! They are so so good here. We're just really struggling with them actually coming to church. If they went to church, they would understand better and their testimony would be strengthened. I read PMG chapter 5 in my studies this week. With that chapter, the Book of Mormon challenge, and the words of the Prophet, I'm convinced that the Book of Mormon will help them get there. I've been working on feeling more love this week, and WOW. When love is my motive, I think, feel, and act so much better. I love my companion. I love our investigators and the members. I love my Savior. I want others to feel that love and I know they will be moved by it to act. I felt really humbled this week. 
I encourage you all to read or listen to the words of the Prophet and Apostles of Jesus Christ. They speak His words. Through their words, Christ sends comfort, guidance, humility, and strength. Please don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn and grow. 
love you all so much!Hermana Hull
Here are some links to the conference and some great music.">"> (EFY 2017 is GR8)


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