March 27, 2017


Luján, Argentina


Hermana Hunter

The Temple and a stuffy nose

We had the opportunity to go to the temple on Tuesday and it was sooooo beautiful. I don't have too many pictures of myself because the day before I got hit with a fever and congestion!! WOOH. But I not feel much better :) 
Luján is one of the coolest wards ever. We had an activity last night with a Consejero del Templo and a few were able to bring friends! A lot of the newer members were able to ask their questions about the temples, and the Spirit was really nice!We didn't get to work in our area a whole lot this week because I've been recovering. But today I finally woke up and was able to breathe through my nose normally! So I think we're getting back to it this week! As a mission we've started to read this Book of Mormon together and we're going to finish it in 60 days! I LOVE this way of reading the Book of Mormon. It puts it in another perspective. I find myself reading it quicker because I'm just excited to hear the story of it! I'm still marking things here and there, but I'm enjoying the Spirit I feel in it. Even though we've been resting a lot, we were able to find 3 new investigators! The other hermanas found Hugo a few weeks ago, so we passed by and he was super excited to see us and talk with us about some of his ideas.. :) haha. He has some very similar views to those of the church. (I love meeting people like him because it shows me that Heavenly Father's been preparing them to receive the gospel) He is sooo proud of his children. He loves talking about his family and how blessed they've been by God. We're excited to be able to teach him more about how his family can be together forever!We contacted Rosa about a month ago and she was a little hesistant to start talking with us, but then she didn't stop talking for about 15 minutes :) She said she knew what we wanted and she wasn't sure if she wanted to listen, but I made her promise us one meeting, and she accepted with a smile :) haha. We finally found her again and were able to teach her and her son, Franco. It was a super cool lesson! they understood, had questions, but were willing to accept, read, and learn more! When we have lessons like that it helps me to feel more hope and excitement. They're really special people!

It's been a little frustrating when our investigators and the less active members say they'll come to church or to an activity and they don't come. We've been with that a little this week. BUT our lessons in church on Sunday were about Jesus Christ, and I thought a lot about His sacrifice and sufferings. And I thought about that we are His representatives and we're going to go through a lot of the things He did(name calling, rejection, lying, etc), but definitely not as bad as He did. And I'm just really grateful for His example and comfort. 
I hope you all have a great week! Try to find time to read the Book of Mormon, or your scriptures every day! It makes the world of a difference! also remember who you're trying to be like, and I know He can help you get there!so much love, Hermana Hull


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