March 20, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Hunter

The weather outside is frightful but our new shower is so delightful!

It's been pretty cold, but our apartment has water! and the water heater works! Many blessings!!! 
To start off, we really feel so much better in this apartment. We can work a lot more fluidly without the stress of "will we have water?" or "it's time to kill some cockroaches!" :) It's hard to be away from Ituzaingó because I was starting to love the people so much, but I know the Lord has a plan. For example:
We have a lot of work here! We've been able to teach a lot this week! We still haven't found any new investigators, but we've been contacting a lot and have a lot of appointments set to return. We've been applying the Book of Mormon in our contacts and I love to share scriptures to bring the Spirit and capture their attention with the truth of the words. It's really lovely. 
Our investigator Claudia told us that her partner/boyfriend is sooo close to being divorced! so that's a miracle! and they really want to get married :) in our church :) AND her kiosco is now closed on Sunday mornings! So she should be coming to church!! We're excited to see where Heavenly Father leads her! 
Alejandro and Luz are so special. We met him because he asked a member for a copy of the Book of Mormon! So we went to deliver it and explain a little more. He and his wife are searching for the true church of Jesus Christ. They were raised Catholic, but they don't agree with some things. This week we went and they expressed some concerns about the living prophets and apostles. We shared that this church is the restored church of Jesus Christ, so we do things the way He did, even with the same power/authority. We invited them to study more and pray about it. He offered the prayer before we left and he asked Heavenly Father to help open his heart and his mind to understand these things <3 they are so so special and I feel so excited to help them on this journey!
Also, our investigator Ramona came to church! We taught her a couple of times before, but she didn't really understand, or try to understand better. but she came to church and participated! She felt really welcomed and comfortable and I believe she'll come next week :) 
It's still a little crazy to be back here, and I was really nervous at first about how people were going to feel. We found out that Claudia had stopped reading so much because she was sad that we left. She was super excited to see me, but it made me nervous that she had the wrong idea in her head, which is crazy because I know she has great desires to learn and grow closer to her Heavenly Father. Hermana Hunter helped me realize how beautiful it is that I have the opportunity to see a little bit of the difference I made, and the chance to see them again after a bit of time. And she's so right. It's a huge blessing. The hugs I've gotten are some of the tightest I've gotten in a while and I'm so so grateful. 
We've had to make lots of decisions this week, and we've had to make them with the Spirit. I know the Spirit speaks to our hearts. He is the communication that our Father in Heaven sends to us. I'm grateful for the blessing of his constant companionship as a member of Christ's church. 
I love you all, thank you for supporting me and for all the fun letters I get! I promise I read them all. and I'm so grateful for you all! have a GREAT week!
Hermana Hull


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