March 13, 2017


Ituzaingó, Argentina


Hermana Hunter

oh las vueltas!

So we received news about an hour ago that we are moving back to Lujàn! which is pretty crazy, and my mind is still trying to wrap around it. President Robertson decided we don't need to live in our apartment anymore, and the only other open apartment in the mission is in Lujàn, so I'm headed back!! to find the person I missed! haha
This week was pretty neat and we worked a lot with a man named Bastian. He shared with us his background of having weird visions and dreams, and he said he's been trying to figure out if they're from God or Satan. SO. we've had some neat lessons to help him be able to feel the Spirit and help him decide which it is. On Wednesday he was very nervous and shakey, but we started with a prayer and started to read from the Book of Mormon, and almost immediately we could hear the change in his voice and he was so much calmer.
With that I'd like to share that I know the Book of Mormon has power. The words within are the words of our Heavenly Father. He has so much to tell us and teach us, and I know that in whatever moment, the Book of Mormon can help us. It can help us find our answer, or find strength, advice.
Before my mission I searched a lot for poems, phrases, or songs that gave me comfort or helped me evaluate situations in my life. I am learning that the Book of Mormon does all that and it's even more fulfilling. Please take a moment every day to read from the Book of Mormon. You will feel more of the love of your Heavenly Father. and His Spirit to guide you.
Thank you for all the prayers! I hope you all have a great week! love you lots!Hermana Hull
OH AND VICTORIA GOT BAPTIZED! She has been attending church every Sunday for 2 years now, and she finally took this step and it was one of the coolest feelings to watch her be baptized.Also we made french toast and it was really yummy!Also I had exchanges with Hermana Parra from Chile :) and we found a cute park


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