February 27, 2017


Luján, Argentina


Hermana Wheatley

We didn't miss the bus, the bus missed us!

but don't worry! he stopped(which never happens because the bus drivers are usually lazy) and waited for us so we ran to the next stop! haha. 
Well that is one of the many miracles we were counting this month! We made a cute calendar of miracles, which I now realize is in Spanish so I'm not sure how many of you can read it... but the point is that it really helps to focus on the miracles even if they're little things like almost missing the bus. Always always always count your blessings!
That brings me to the new EFY songs! as missionaries, the EFY songs are a big deal to us. they can be found here:">'re really uplifting and they've got some good beats :)
oh and we're leaving Luján!!! Both Hermana Wheatley and I. The other Sister missionaries in the ward will now be working with the whole ward! When we found out this week, it was a little rough, but I am so super grateful for the time I've had here in Luján. Now I'm headed to a city called Ituzaingó! and there aren't bicis(bikes) so it's time to put on my walking shoes ;)
We had an awesome lesson with Susana this week. We shared a scripture about the different Spirit that is in the church. We paused for a minute to follow the Spirit, but a member, Hermano Magnou beat us to it and asked her when she would be baptized :) her face was priceless. She started to answer by saying her husband can't be baptized because he works on Sundays, but we promised her that she would be a huge blessing and example if she took the step right now. She decided that she would love be baptized first and soon! 

Oh another cool story. We decided to go to a neighborhood a little farther away on Monday night, because we weren't able to go the week before. We had the names of 3 potential investigators, 1 less-active family, and 2 streets to contact and meet new people! As we were getting ready to leave I was feeling a little uneasy and starting to doubt if we should really go. and sometimes it's hard to get there, and this time the pathway we use had a bunch of new obstacles and what-nots. But when we arrived, we found one potential who asked us to come back. We were able to bear testimony to a woman who was doubting her faith, and we found a former investigator who has a testimony of some of the teachings already. it was just a beautiful night, and I'm so grateful to be doing the work of the Lord.

I thank you all for your prayers, support, love, and letters :) I love you all so much and I hope a fun week! March, here we come!
<3 Hermana Hull


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