January 30, 2017


Luján, Argentina


Hermana Wheatley

"Remember who you are!"

This is one of my favorite phrases to say as people are leaving my house or if I leave on a trip or something. But my companion and I found somewhere where it said "Remember who you're trying to be like" and I like that a whole lot more! 
This week we received some new rule changes for the missionaries! Our schedule is a little different and there are a few things that had strict hours or ways to do things that now are a up to us! So we get to choose how we do certain things and it's really neat! I'm excited to be a missionary during this time and excited that the Lord has trust in us as His children!
We met with an older woman who is a Catholic teacher, and we went knowing that we might not have any success in talking to her. BUT she was super sweet and open to us. She teaches some of the kids before they receive the communion (I'm not sure if it's the same in English... I forgot) and before they share their teachings with others. So they're kind of like missionaries. And she listened to us about the Book of Mormon. There was so much testimony and Spirit in that conversation that she accepted it and said she'll read to know a little more. suuper neat.
I really like the people of Argentina. They're super laid-back and everybody wears crocs and drinks their mate :) also we went to the zoo and I fed a bear :) but I only have a video and it doesn't fit so next week I'll send it!love you all lots! be good and have a good week!!Hermana Hull


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