January 9, 2017


Luján, Argentina


Hermana Córdova


I am my father's daughter, so it is very unusual for me to choose to take a completely cold shower. but in the Argentina summer, I prefer them. 
also we went to the zoo! They have some neat things like we fed an elephant and held baby lions. it was pretty cool, but I think it's just a one time thing.
and I had divisions with Hermana Fajardo :) she's from Columbia and she is SO SO SWEET. 
okay, so I don't think it's even hit 100 degrees fahrenheit yet, but it's hot here. this week we were blessed with a lot of clouds!! until the Saturday of fasting.... haha perfect timing right? we started our fast and got up from our prayers and we were super sweaty :/ I knew we were going to need some extra strength that day. but! the whole rest of the afternoon we were busy with talking to people and sharing our testimonies that I didn't even think about being tired or hot or hungry. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father gives us the strength and power to do His work. 
We talked with a woman this week who made sure that we knew that she was Catholic, she had just returned from mass, and she wouldn't listen to us(she said as she brought chairs out into her patio). so we sat and talked. we shared our testimonies. She had lost her son and her grandson in the past 10 years. We expressed to her the love of her Heavenly Father and that she would be able to see them again. with that she accepted to read a little about the Plan of Salvation.
I know that when we work with the Spirit, he will touch the hearts of people and tell them what they need to know. We have to be courageous enough to open our mouths and share the love that we have within us. whether it be within your family or to someone you just met. just do it. they might need you.
I love you all oh so very much! take care of yourselves :) read your scriptures!
love,Hermana Hull
PS Here is a Video of the Zoo!!Anmpywor9fQ7gZ14tnnoKnt5jAVChA


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