January 2, 2017


Luján, Argentina


Hermana Córdova

Hello 2017!!!

Feliz año nuevo!!!! Hermana Da Silva and I spent the new years in our apartment with ice cream and salad :) because it was very hot outside. 
AND! I'm a super boring missionary because I slept through all the fireworks at midnight... but I'm kind of proud of that. :) hehe
I had a thought about Sunday naps this week. The "siesta" is a sacred thing in Argentina. Stores close and most everybody sleep from after lunch until 4 or 5. it's incredible. even more so on Sundays! A few of the members were discussing naps on the Sabbath day, and one said, "I'm just trying to receive revelation through my dreams". and I think that's super reasonable and I approve Sunday naps! ;) haha

We found a 17 year old boy who hasn't been to church for a while but wants to serve a mission and man he reminds me of Walter SO MUCH I just wanted to hit him. With love of course.
We had some really neat experiences this week! We've been trying to focus on the Spirit more to guide us and tell us when to stop and when we need to talk to someone and also just talking to everyone. On our way early to a lesson, Hermana Da Silva stopped super quickly to talk to a lady who was carrying her groceries. We introduced ourselves and she said something like it must be a sign that we stopped her. Her name is Veronica and she has met with the missionaries before. She remembers feeling really good when she met with them and she's passing for a hard time right now so it was perfect. We asked her if we could go by her house, got her phone number, and then asked her to be baptized on the 21st! Of course we talked more about the gospel all through the conversation, and she accepted! I love being reminded that our purpose is just to invite. We can't think about what they might say, we just have to follow the Spirit and invite them.

Also this week I was reminded of the importance of the Temple. If you don't have a reccomend or you have to renew yours just do it and go partake of all the blessings and peace Heavenly Father has waiting for you <3 and if you've never been to the temple, you should visit! they are beautiful and I know they are the House of the Lord.
I love you all a whole lot and I hope you have an awesome week. and whether you're starting back to school or work, try to keep up the excitement of the holiday season and be happy about life :)

Love,Hermana Hull
ps. we cleaned a members little pool this week for service :)

ALSO this little guy had a shirt from BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA!!!!! Small world, no??


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