November 28, 2016


Chivilcoy, Argentina


Hermana Moore

Pantalones, Día de Gratitud, y mucho más!

We started wearing our pants this week!!!!! now the Elders and the Hermana's can match!!!!!! but we look a whole lot cuter :) They're super nice when we're riding in bici especially when there's wind! not so great for the rain.
One of the members, Sebastian, moved back to live with his family so we said goodbye the other night. I love this family!! The Familia Díaz!
For everybody that asked, nobody has any clue what Thanksgiving is, except for the 4 American missionaries and the 2 Brazilerans :) so we ate a REALLY good lunch. WE MADE CORNBREAD FROM SCRATCH. and it was REALLY good! I'm so proud of us :) and we made pies and the Elders made the chicken with stuffing and it was all super yummy! 
Last week, I wrote about change. My testimony of change has grown stronger as we help our investigator, Ivan set goals to stop smoking and drinking. He wants to follow the Lord so bad and I see that God is strengthening him to help him get away from his addictions. With Carmen, too. She has the goal to quit smoking this week!!!!! I know she can do it! She's so strong! But the reason she'll do it is because of her faith in God. Sometimes we have to let go and let God fill the hole/emptiness that comes from leaving an addiction. <3 so awesome.
Before my mission, I had a million reasons why "I couldn't share the gospel." Sharing the gospel is part of our responsibility as members of the church of Jesus Christ, so I knew it wasn't right to have excuses. In working on my mission plan (a few goals that I want to accomplish during these 18 months) I found my motto :) "This is the only time you give all your time to the Lord". that is just so special to me :) I am so excited to be here.
Also the word "filled" has been sticking out to me in the scriptures lately. "Filled" implies that there is no more room. when we are filled with compassion, charity, and the Spirit, we don't have room for sad, mean, nasty thoughts. I want to be filled with all kinds of good things :) 
Thank you for all the love and prayers that are sent my way! ONE LAST THING: everybody who reads this should go to"> and just look at the campaign for "Light the World" IT IS SO COOL. There are awesome ideas for little acts of kindness we can do everyday to make the world a happier place the Christmas season :D go check it out! 
LOVE YOU ALL!Hermana Hull


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