November 21, 2016


Chivilcoy, Argentina


Hermana Moore

You shouldn't have to chew your jello

We found some jello packages in our apartment! They were yummy but...
One of my favorite things I just found out about Argentina is that it is completely normal and pretty common for adults to drink out of juice boxes :) 
Also we found some cactus this week! Reminded me of Arizona! Also, I'm pretty sure it was right next to a pine tree... so that's Argentina for you. We call it "cualquier cosa"!!! haha
It's been a really good week! I feel like I'm finally getting to where I've wanted to be. I feel more relaxed with the language and so I'm able to feel more calm and more love for the people. It is so so nice! I love learning Spanish. this is just so cool.
There were 3 baptisms in our branch this week! Martita, Alex, and Dylan were baptized and they are so cool. Their bapstisms helped me be even more excited to show the people here all the blessings they can receive!! It was so incredible to see them take that first step and it makes me want to go tell everyone about all this happiness and love :D
Carmen's kind of struggling. She is so strong and her testimony is SO STRONG. She probably knows more about the gospel than I do! and even more she is so level headed about everything! Which makes quitting smoking and going to church even harder. She feels shame and so she's angry with herself and it's just hard. We know she's going to get there! She just has to make a hop, skip, and a jump!
The Branch President gave a really nice message about change on Sunday. He said that we can and will change. If we aren't making conscious decisions to change for good, we're still changing and we're changing for worse :/ We have to be careful and make sure we use our agency. We are going to change regardless, so let's choose to change for better! 
As far as reading goes, these are my recommendations this week: I have been loving Doctrine and Covenants Section 98! It is so comforting. and this morning I started reading more of the stories of Jesus's life. Because He really is our perfect example in everything!
I really love you all a whole lot! Thank you for all the support and prayers that are being sent my way! I hope you all eat well this week :) Happy Thanksgiving!
CHAU!Hermana Hull


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