November 14, 2016


Hermana Katelyn Hull


Hermana Moore

November 14th... it's a Monday I think.

This week was Carmen's birthday!! We were able to whip up a little banana bread for her before we left to the mission office. :) She is so so sweet. I wish y'all could know her. She has 2 sons in prison and she works so hard to make sure they have food and the good word of God :)
We went to the offices on Tuesday and I saw Hermana Córdova and some other people I have met before! it was a little reunion! 
Then they piled all of us newbies (from the past 4 months) into a little bus and took us to the house of President and Hermana Robertson. It's so nice and they are so nice and I just love them. It was almost like a Family Home Evening. We didn't really have an activity but we talked about their expectations for us and they made us a really nice dinner! Everything there was super American, it was a little strange haha.
The next day we traveled into the city to do our travel papers... I'm not sure what they're called in English but we call them trámites. It was fine and I was able to communicate with everyone there and it was awesome :) I love Spanish. and then I saw off into the end of the world!!!!!! I could see the sea or the ocean or whatever is right on the coast of Buenos Aires!! nothing but water! it was pretty cool, I hope the picture turns out so you can see it. I just love stuff like that. 
We didn't have a ton of time to work in our area this week :/ but here are some things I learned:
-you have to make conscious decisions to follow the Lord's counsel or to act as the scriptures teach us. You have to have the desire and do what it takes to live in that way. -in our prayers at the end of the day, we should be able to say, "Alright Heavenly Father, this is my offering. this is what I did today. how did I do? what do I need to do tomorrow to be even better or to do it according to your will?" <3 I really like that. and I know when we listen to the Spirit we will be able to find answers to those questions. -also President Robertson shared a really nice poem called, "The Race". you should look it up :) my favorite part was "get up each time you fall". you just have to keep going.
I know our Heavenly Father is merciful and He wants to help us succeed. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers because He has blessed my family in more ways than I can count. keep on keeping on and I'll see y'all later :)
mucho amor!!Hermana Hull


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