October 31, 2016


Chivilcoy, Argentina


Hermana Moore

No trick, nor treat!

They don't do much for Halloween here. Some people know that it's halloween, but nothing's really happening for it :(
HERMANA MOORE IS HERE!! she is from Virginia! so we're just a couple of Americans taking over the streets of Chivilcoy in Argentina :) 
We went to the mission home on Monday for tranfsers and cleaned the chapel and it felt really nice. It just builds my testimony that service really helps everybody involved feel better and feel the Spirit, too! 
Before I got to be with Hermana Moore, there were a couple of meetings for her, so I hung out with some of the new missionaries who had arrived THAT DAY. :) I'm not the newbie anymore!! It was fun because I was helping them and practicing my Spanish and they were really nervous too so we all just got to help each other get through the really hectic day! 
I've been showing Hermana Moore around Chivilcoy and it's a little nerve-wrecking.. because she doesn't know anything about it and I have to remember everything. which is really good! I know I'm learning a lot and I'm super grateful for this opportunity and the trust my Heavenly Father has in me! I know that as long as I'm working and trying, He won't let me mess His work up!
Going to the mission home makes me really excited to share the gospel! mostly because in the mission home, we sit around and talk about sharing the gospel, but don't actually do a whole lot. but it fuels me up! I get antsy and excited and I just want to go tell everybody how cool God's plan is :) President Robertson is awesome. He reminded us this week that we really are here to baptize people. Our purpose is to help them gain this relationship with their Heavenly Father and learn how they can make covenants or promises with Him so they can return to live with Him again :) it's so exciting and I hope all of you can look for opporunities to share a little bit of God's love with your friends and family and even just all the people around you :)
Love you all UN MONTÓN!!!Hermana Hull


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