October 10, 2016


Chivilcoy, Argentina


Hermana Córdova

Well hello there! Cómo están ustedes?

Last Monday we made tacos because on of the hermanas had taco seasoning from the US :) it was awesome and we feasted and watched The Errand of Angels in Spanish..! this picture is of my district! Hermana Dos Santos(Brazil), Hermana Mattinson(Utah), Hermana Córdova and I, and Elder Osores(Peru) and Elder Rodriguez(Arizona).

Also I just love the skies and the views here! A nice little painting from Heavenly Father at the end of the day! So pretty!

Hermana Córdova wasn't feeling well this week, so I had some extra time to study! She's so funny, and feeling better so we can get some more work done this week!

I tried Chuchuli! They're intestines!!! And they weren't so terrible! Luckily they gave me the smaller ones, but yeah they weren't so bad! And I tried their barbeque which they call asado and mmmm the meat here is really good!!

Carmen is a lady who we thought was less active. She remembers being baptized but they couldn't find her records! So she needs to baptized, which kind of seems like a bummer but she was SO EXCITED to find out :) It's another thing to help her quit smoking! We're planning to have her baptism on the 22 of October, so she needs to stop smoking this week!! We know she can do it, and she's trying so so hard. She's so awesome :)

Sebastian is a less active who we challenged to write some questions he had and bring them to conference and promised that they would be answered. He was only able to make it to one session of conference, but he told us after that every single one of his 7 different questions were answered. The next time we saw him, he shaved and cut his hair because he said he felt cleaner. :) and he bore his beautiful testimony in the fast and testimony meeting yesterday. I love helping the Spirit of the Lord touch people and change their lives!

We also go to do some service for the family I sent a picture of last week! We took the Elders and we all helped them clean up their yard. She's a single mom of 5 kids, so it felt so good to be able to help her! and I didn't even have to use Spanish to pull weeds!! so I felt pretty good! ha ha

Things are going! our area limits got changed around a little bit this week so we're going to be meeting a ton of new people! I am so excited to share this love I feel!! and I hope you all can feel it too. I know Heavenly Father knows and loves each one of us. I know that as we follow the example of Jesus Christ, we will see changes in our lives. We have the opportunity to follow his perfect example of love, patience, and charity and when we do, it will change our lives for the better! Learn from His teachings and His example, always <3

I love you all!


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