September 19, 2016


Provo, Utah, USA



Yes, that's right. I have made it to Argentina! I am typing on a computer that is telling me all my words are spelled wrong because they're not Spanish :) 
I am so excited to be here! My first area is called Chivilcoy and it's like unto Decatur, Alabama with a little city, a little country. But it's a lot smaller and a lot more Argentinian. There a lot of random animals. I held a chick. 
My entrenadora is Hermana Córdova and she is incredible. She is so patient and funny. She is from Peru, but she's been learning English for quite some time so she's basically bilingual. She really pushes me to use Spanish though. and I love it. I've already tried leading the conversation one of our lessons and it didn't go terribly! A lot of the times I just look at Hermana Córdova like "I have no idea, you've gotta answer this one" haha. We have a good time and I already love the people here!
There is a recent convert named Walter Muñoz who received the Priesthood this Sunday! He has 4 children and they are so sweet! I love hearing his testimony and talking with him about his ideas and his findings in the scriptures :) He is going to be called as a ward missionary to help us find and teach other people and it is going to be awesome! 
We met with a less active sister, Carolina, and she is incredible too. She wants a better life for her and her kids, and her daughter is 12 and interested in learning more as well. We invited them to church, but they slept in. But I know they want it. I want to help them strengthen their testimonies sooo bad. 
I am so excited to finally be here, finding the people who God had prepared to receive His Gospel. I only pray that they will know they are ready and will accept our help. 
As Hermano Walter is preparing to enter the temple, I have been pondering on the importance of it. It is the House of the Lord. It is glorious, magnificent and it is where we need to be. I am so excited to help others find their way to their Heavenly Father. 
Please remember the importance of the temple. It should always be our goal to be at the temple. 
I am actually having a really hard time writing in English.. haha I guess that's a good thing, right? :) I love you all! I hope you have a good week and look for oppoturnities to serve other people! and say your prayers! <3
CON MUCHO AMOR,Hermana Hull​


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