September 6, 2016





We leave the MTC next Monday morning. aaaand it's pretty exciting. aaaand it's pretty terrifying. We keep realizing what's about to happen and all the things we have to get done before we go, and it's CRAZY. 
We took a test that we had to answer 11 questions completely in Spanish and it just recorded us! It was pretty intimidating, but I think I did okay. I think I definitely know enough Spanish to survive in Argentina... haha I just can't wait for the day that I feel totally comfortable with it! I already have been translating songs I know into Spanish... (they're mostly Disney songs and it's pretty funny).
I met a ton of missionaries headed to Alabama!!!! My friend, Elder Peterson, who I met at EFY in Logan, is headed there. I got a picture with some cute sisters headed there! and there were a few others who I talked a lot with but we weren't able to get a picture :( just look out for my friends ;)
We had some good friends leave this morning, so last night they granted us with their box full of snacks!! Elder Pritchard and Elder Glorius are the real MVPs. To our advantage, Hermana Lyda joined our companionship today because her companion left this morning for Washington and she doesn't leave for Las Vegas until tomorrow morning. She's sweet! So we took a picture at the temple :) 
We had Elder Juan A. Uceda come and speak to us last Tuesday. He shared a message about not being afraid to open your mouth, because you never know who needs your help. I don't want to risk any opportunity I might have to help someone with something their going through or build their relationship with their Savior. 
I LOVE John chapter 14. Everyone should go read it. Drop what you're doing and go read it. because it's just really nice. I can feel the loved of the Savior oozing out of the pages. I mean the chapter starts with "Let not your heart be troubled" :D I love the scriptures.
It has been very exciting as we get ready to leave, but we've had so many good times so it's also kinda hard. Our district is awesome. My companions are awesome. Our teachers are awesome. Our investigators are awesome. 
Also my family and friends are awesome. I'm thankful for all those who have reached out and sent me their love in any shape or form <3 it means so much to know that all of you and so many more are supporting me. I love you all! Have a good week!!
Hermana Hull


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