August 23, 2016




Soy un "baller"

HELLO GOOD PEOPLE! I have enjoyed yet another week! and I've got some pretty good stories to share! The days are long, but the weeks are short, and this email is going to be suuuper long. but it's a good read, I would really recommend it ;)
Last Tuesday, Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson, the General Young Women's President, came to speak to us! She was so sweet! She shared an awesome message about missionary work and being where/who we need to be so God can use us to serve His children. one of my notes from the meeting:-Be willing to accept and keep corrections. "Thank you for loving me enough to cut me down" (there's a really good video about that on the Mormon Channel)
Then our district got together and shared our testimonies and the Spirit was so strong!!! I love the opportunity I have and I am so grateful to get to learn from these amazing folks!
We are ROCKING the Spanish this week!!!! We have gotten to the point where we have at least an hour each day that we don't speak any English! (You can tell when that is because we're all carrying around our dictionaries.. haha!) 
I had a really nice learning experience in 2 Nephi chapter 4 this week. This mission can be hard, but "my soul delighteth in the things of the Lord" (verse 16). I am also loving reading in Enos this week!
We had some awesome lessons, and felt the Spirit so strongly as our investigators took steps to build a better relationship with their Heavenly Father! Some of the people we teach are members of the church, with real questions or thoughts they had as they joined the church, so it's still a real situation. Others are real investigators, but we don't know the difference. We teach our teachers sometimes for practice! It is just such a special experience to share these teachings with anybody and feel the Spirit testifying to all of us! I love teaching!
My companions and I do this thing when we're really stressed and we go outside and look at the mountains and learn hymns in Spanish :) we just sing and sing until we feel better. We're actually thinking about doing a musical number or something! <3
AHHH I went too hardcore in a game of Four square :\ I dove(tripped over my feet) for a ball that was going to take me out of the king's spot!! and I scraped my hand :P It wasn't bad, but they didn't clean it very well and it was still black from the asphalt... so on Saturday we decided to go to the doctor to get it cleaned up so it could heal properly. BUT the doctor's office on campus is closed on the weekends! So we got to go on an adventure and LEAVE THE MTC and walk down to the BYU Student Health Center :D We might've had too much fun with it.. haha. they gave us candy and we saw a clip of a basketball game from the olympics and we weren't sure if we should watch it! hahahaha. we're already pretty deep into missionary mode ;) 
Every night, they call names of missionaries who didn't pick up packages during the day, or have some kind of unfinished business and I have always wanted my name to be called for an unexpected package or something(because I'm silly like that :P) so that night I said "I just want them to call my name" AND THEY DID. IT WAS LIKE MAGIC OR SOMETHING. but we were already in our pajamas... SO we walked into the really nice main office building of the MTC in our PJs :) we felt way too cool.. hahaha they just wanted to check how my appointment went that morning. 
THEN. on Monday they called me on one of the emergency phones hanging in the hall that NEVER get used. and told me the doctor on campus wanted to follow up... On a cut that just needed to be cleaned... :\ haha it really should not have been this big of a deal, but it definitely makes for a good story ;) we waited in his waiting room for an hour and made all kinds of origami animals! so we made good use of the time we were missing class! ;)
It was just really fun! We went to the temple today <3 and we ate at the temple's cafeteria!!!! it was HEAVENLY! (pun definitely intended) I am still so full 2 hours later! 
This week we are teaching Relief Society about recognizing and understand the Holy Ghost, which should be pretty fun! Oh! I forgot to mention, every week we have to write a short talk for Sacrament meeting! Our Branch President will pick 2 random missionaries!!!! it's pretty neat. and it has to be completely in Spanish :O but I like it because it helps me to learn more things to say and share about the Gospel!
It's soo good to sit down and tell all of you about my fun times here :) I love you all so much. I hope all is well where you are!! I really do. Please pretty please let me know if I can do anything for you! Even if it's just a simple prayer, I would love to help! <3
Hasta la pasta,Hermana Hull


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