August 16, 2016





That is a phrase that has recently become popular between mis compañeras :) it makes little sense, but it rhymes!
WOOOH what a week. On Friday the Lord served me up a big old piece of humble pie. Really, I think it was more like a whole pie... decorated with my name on top... haha it was rough but very insightful and helpful.Our district was becoming very comfortable with each other and we weren't getting a whole lot done especially after P-Day was unexpectedly hectic. We had a few substitute teachers who really helped me come to my senses. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father is watching over His missionaries. He knows exactly what we need and I am so grateful.
One of new teachers was teaching us about dealing with stress. He turned on some very nice children's hymns and turned of the lights. He asked us to close our eyes and it was so relaxing!!!! UNTIL. He throws on the lights, slings the door open, and starts yelling "ALRIGHT EVERYBODY GET UP WE'RE GOING OUTSIDE LET'S GOOO"!!!!! talk about stressful!!! 
We practiced talking to people while we're walking down the street. So we walked around the MTC's campus teaching each other and it was so hard! mostly because I really have to think about the Spanish words, but it was good practice!
Some new Elders and Sisters came in on Wednesday and I've seen a few more friends from BYU-I! It's been really fun to see familiar faces and get great big hugs from some awesome Sisters :) Also, it doesn't hurt that the new set of missionaries boosted our confidence in our Spanish! haha It's neat to think that we were also that bad at Spanish a week ago!! (now 2 weeks)
I can't believe I've been here 2 weeks already. Just 4 more then I'm headed out to ARGENTINA! I'm pretty excited and terrified but I know it will be incredible.
I think I mentioned the Sunday films they show. This week we watched "17 Miracles". It was.... quite interesting... haha it's a very good film and it shows the hardships of the pioneers. It helped me to be grateful that I have nice shoes to walk around Argentina in!!
Well, I'm getting pretty good at Spanish, and I really like it :) We are teaching 2 investigators this week! They're both so sweet, and it's really fun to get to know them and get to help them with their life problems through the gospel! I hope all is well wherever you are in the world! Let me know if I can do anything for anybody :) 
Love you all!!!Hermana Hull


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