August 1, 2016




Karma Stabbed Me in the Foot

I think the hardest part of preparing to leave for my mission has been getting over my stubbornness and my determination to have things a certain way. For example, we're finishing some of the renovations and last-minute touches on our house, which include painting the downstairs area that has been my "bedroom" for the past 3 months. In moving things around Thursday night, I was feeling overwhelmed about all of the belongings I was supposed to shove into 2 bags and tote around with me in a week. I did not feel good about the way it was going to happen. I felt like I wanted to organize everything nicely :) However, in order to finish the painting, my stuff really just needed to be out of the way. Sooo, my stubborn self removed all of my belongings from being in the way, and then removed myself from being in the house to get some fresh air(and to return some clothes to the store).

I returned the pants and everything was hunky dory, until I proceeded out of the store. I was still kind of huffy and puffy, and I could not be bothered to actually watch where I was walking. My pity party was rudely interrupted, when a tack from a security tag shot through the bottom of my flip flop and into my foot. It was definitely a shock, but it reminded me that I needed to slow down, calm down, and focus.

I am finishing this now on Monday morning. Last night I had my farewell open house and it was WONDERFUL. I am so glad I was able to spend time with and say goodbye to so much family and many friends. I am so grateful for all who came and all who helped make it happen, it was truly humbling to see even just some of those who are supporting me.

Now, with just two days left, I am spending time with my family. Dad is planning all kinds of activities for us :) He's really excited because he has taken days off for this, so the possibilities are endless!

I am so excited to begin this adventure. I am a bit nervous, but I know as soon as I get on the plane it can go nowhere but up! (get it? the plane and the experience... ha ha) Everybody be prepared for more cheesy jokes like that, some neat experiences, and a whole lot of spanglish!! The next time you hear from me I will be in the MTC!

Again, thank you all so much for supporting and showing love to me! I love you all!!!
Soon-To-Be Hermana Hull


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